Get The Look: Chennai Express!

9/13/2013 Ruhie 3 Comments

Hola Lovelies,

 The first scene where Deepika Padukone comes to screen running on the railway platform reminds you of Pamela Anderson running on the beach *uncanny similarity*. You'd wonder how can a girl donning such a conservative look remind of Pamela Anderson. One Wonders!!! But then again, its Deepika Padukone you are talking about!About the movie: " Funny, Typical Rohit Shetty Flick " *Yes, I'm being Diplomatic* :P

Deepika's looks are very different, serene and beautiful. I would love to recreate them for Onam celebrations. They would look so wonderful. So basically if you are planning to look anything like a South Indian. Or maybe going for a South Indian friends marriage or Onam celebration or if you are a South Indian yourself *like me* you can always take inspirations from Deepika's ensembles from Chennai Express. Blah you can wear them for any goddamn reason!!!Moving ahead.



Chuck Those Huge Skin Pores!!!

9/03/2013 Ruhie Kumar 2 Comments

Hola Lovelies!!!

Ready to keep those huge skin pores away from you without blowing your budget on those oh-so-awesomely-expensive-cosmetics-that-might-might not-work!!! Well here are some easy breezy home remedies to treat those roadblocks that hinder you from getting that flawless look!!



Ahai Shopping: The next best thing for Korean & street style shopping! Giveaway Alert!!(Closed)

9/01/2013 Ruhie Kumar 34 Comments

Hola Lovelies
As you all know I'm always on the lookout for great fashion. Watching Korean serials on a loop has only affirmed my conviction that one can really take great ideas from what they wear! But that's kinda hard, because you don't usually find that kinda awesome stuff. I tried ordering from Dino Direct once which was quite good. And now I have another alternative Ahai Shopping

Why I love them!!

Free Shipping worldwide
3 % off on the frist order
Some really cool collection of dresses
My favorite $9.99 section ;) With Free Worldwide Shipping!! Sweet!!
Bonus point system for your purchase.
Huge collection of jewellery, accessories and accessories!!

Check out their awesome collection!!!



Vans Fresh Off the Wall: A treat for music lovers

9/01/2013 Ruhie Kumar 2 Comments

Hola lovelies,
Hope you all are doing great.This weekend for me started right on Thursday with Vans "Fresh Off The Wall" event. It was their first edition and was simply superb!It was held at Kino 108, a really cool place. You can check more about it on Zomato.