Discovery of The Month: ChinaBuye

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing? It's time for discovery of the month!! Please welcome "ChinaBuye" is a China based online supermarket with super lowest price. They are engaged in transnational electronic products wholesale and retail. They also deal with fashion clothing and jewelry at wholesale price.

About ChinaBuye:

ChinaBuye is a China based online website. It deals with many products, but specializes in selling Gadgets at great prices.  Given below is an excerpt from their About Us Page.

They provide wholesale services as well as drop shipping services. You can pay for your purchase through PayPal, Western Union or Credit Card. Shipments are made through AirMail in case of free shipping. They also provide shipping through DHL, EMS and UPS.

Products Sneak Peak

Special Features!

1. Great Prices.
2. They do not have MOQ limit i.e. unlike other wholesale websites there is no minimum order quantity. You can order even a single piece of your favorite stuff.
3. They accept PayPal, which I feel is the easiest and safest alternative for online shopping.
4. They provide FREE SHIPPING!! There are so many online websites where the cost of stuff you buy is less than shipping those products to your home :P This is a big time relief!!
5.They have a special section of products under $1.99, quite interesting! :P ;)
6. They provide free express for large orders.
7. They provide 30 day money back guarantee.
8. They also provide 1 year warranty on all their products.

With all these amazing features and more, ChinaBuye seems like an excellent choice for everyone who is into buying electronic gadgets at wholesale rates. For fashion addicts they have a great range of clothes and fashion jewelry. Have you ever made a purchase at ChinaBuye?? Tell me about your experience :) Would love to know. :)

You can also find ChinaBuye on Facebook Here
They have a dedicated forum for their customers, you can view it Here.

Hope you enjoyed the Discovery :)
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**The article is sponsored by the website, but the author shares her honest views.


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