Theories of Love & Life: Our Fate

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How ya'all doing? Been a long long time since I last blogged! Finally things are starting to fall into place in the new city and I'm settling down, so hoping to get myself to blog more. So much to blog about, so much to share, my brains are bursting out with ideas and cool stuff I wanted to try and share! Some really cool product reviews are lined up, hoping to share it with ya'all in the coming days.But today I wished to share something really beautiful that I found!

Ok so a few days back we started pestering one of my friend's friend's mom who happens to be very good at astrology . Lovely soul as she is, she was very happy to answer all our questions.. What will happen of my life? How much money will I earn? Will I have to struggle a lot? What about studies? What about marriage? Love marriage or arranged marriage? ;) So many questions!!

But she answered them all. Now I  really do believe in all these stuff, atleast I have a strong interest in the astrological department, so eager as I was, I gave my date of birth and other related details to her. And oh my God, did she do a great job of telling who I was, and what had happened to me!!

The past and the present were all very clearly interpreted. Then came the time to ask questions about my future, I was clearly anxious, as would anyone be in such a situation! Think if you could know what would happen in your life! Like a window to the future! A sneak peak before the actual movie plays out! She told me a lot of things, some good, some bad! But throughout it all, she stated that this could happen, that could happen.

It was clear from the astrological result that everything she stated about the future, all the events were all unlikely. They could happen, but there lay an equal possibility that they might not! I'll be honest, I worried about the bad things she hinted could happen. It made me restless. I tried to forget all about it! And I did, until I read an article in the newspaper. It struck me like a lightening bolt. Read it below:

"A man and a nail had a conversation. The nail said:" I have often wondered during my years sticking here in this panel, what my fate is to be." The man said: "Latent in your situation maybe a tearing out with pliers, a burning of wood, the rotting of the plank --- so many things." Said the nail: "I should have known better than to ask such foolish questions! Nobody can foresee a future, let alone a variety of them, all so unlikely." So the nail waited till someone else came along, someone who would talk intelligently, and not threaten him. So do we really want to know our fate or even our present situation?"

Do we really want to know our future? Can we change our future? Or are we like the nail in the plank, stuck waiting for any of those unlikely events to occur? Is it better to know what is going to happen? If it is, is there a guaranteed way to know that? Even if we did know what would happen, could we change anything?

Ok I don't wish to refute astrology by the means of this note, rather I strongly believe that its pure science. But I also believe that it is just that! The difference is just like that of between Power and Science!

We are dealing with the raw potential of human power versus the Science of discerning the possibility of where that Power could lead us to! It's a matrix of permutations and combinations that define our life, and Astrology helps us zero in to the nearest  possibilities we could face depending upon the position of the stars and planets. Now the question if we really want to know our future! Consider a situation where you go to an astrologer and based on their talent they are able to tell you that you won't have enough money, you won't study much, you will suffer from heartbreak and stuff like that. 

But think beyond the obvious! Maybe the reason why you wouldn't have enough money is because you end up splurging them every time to buy luxury stuff for you or your loved ones. Maybe the reason why you wouldn't go for higher studies is because you were made the marketing manager based on the innate skill sets that you already have (* yes this has actually happened to one of my very close friend*) , so never the need. Maybe the reason you will suffer a heartbreak is to eventually find a person who is more deserving, more loving and more caring! The heartbreak set a background for you to understand the value of the person when they finally came in to your life!

So do you really want to know your future by the hands of error prone human who tries to decipher the language of stars and planets millions of light years away from us?

Do tell me what you think.Till the next post, Keep Smiling!Tada

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