The Four Fountains Spa Review

Hola Lovelies,
Hope y'all are doing fine :) Ok so I was recently invited for a spa session by Sakina (Digital Marketing Manager)  from The Four Fountains Spa.

The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable health spas. They offer more than 20 therapies for De-Stressing, De-toxification, Immunity and Beauty. They have many centers located across India. You can find The Four Fountains Spa in the following locations:

Mumbai| Delhi| Gurgaon| Bengaluru| Kolkata| Pune| Goa| Manali| Aurangabad| Bhopal

My Experience
I booked my appointment at the Powai centre in Mumbai which was closest for me.Though I was acquainted of The Four Fountains Spa from my hometown Bhopal, yet I had never given it a try!
Luckily I got that chance in Mumbai.

Entrance To The Spa
It rained heavily the day I had to go for the spa and by the time I reached the place I was in a mess!! But as soon as I entered the spa, a little of the weight lifted off me. It was definitely the calm environment, the sweet citrus-smell that helped me relax a bit.I was assisted with my appointment.The gentleman at the reception then helped me in choosing the therapy, once that was done, the room where I had to get my spa was made ready for my session.

While I was waiting for the same, a Stress Test was conducted, where I had to answer a set of questions in yes/no. It turned out I had Moderate Stress. The lady who took my Stress Test suggested me that I should get the next therapy after 21 days.After a little while, I was informed that my room was ready and my therapist Ratna would help me with my Aromatherapy Massage. 

Special seating with acupuncture backrest

I totally loved the ambience!! Full points for the same. Lighting was soothing and calm. Loved the aroma.They have special acupuncture doors and knobs and the seating area is specially designed with acupuncture points. Amazing Concept. :)

Locker. Aroma candle on the shelf.
Special Features
They provide lockers for keeping valuables. You can keep your valuables, lock it and keep the key :)
I found this very thoughtful. 

 Therapy Experience
Four Fountains Spa provides same gender therapists, individual shower enclosures and disposable underclothes for every therapy.They also provide fresh towels, body wash and shampoos. My therapist Ratna helped me with everything. She gave me my set of disposable clothes and left the room. Once I had changed I just rang a bell and she was back in a jiffy.

I settled down on the massage bed and made myself comfortable and then began the one hour of massaging bliss. I had chosen Aromatherapy specially because I prefer light massaging and yet in the starting I had a tough time getting accustomed to the massaging intensity. But my therapist constantly asked me for feedback,if I was doing good, If she should change something. And I guided her through the same.

One hour went by unnoticed! After the massage I took a long hot shower. The therapy ended with a cup of unsweetened green tea, which was bitter but relaxing. I was given an anxiety relief balm,(*I hope that was the name*) :P which I have fallen in love with!!! & the next date for my appointment. They offer free head message if you take your next therapy on or before the given date.

1. This was my first experience of a spa, it went really good.
2. The massaging techniques used by the therapist were very relaxing.
3. The therapist was very friendly and constantly seeked for feedback which helped in the whole process.
4. It was hygienic.
5. I felt safe.
6. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends for the very simple reason that you would want your loved ones to go to a place which is hygienic, safe, and friendly. 
7. The therapist made me feel very comfortable which was again a plus point for me, because I was very shy :P

It was the first spa experience for me. I'm not a very body massage kind of a person :P yet I could enjoy myself. No cons but a few suggestions that I'd love to share:

1. I had a hard time trying to figure out which therapy to take. The names were unyielding and I couldn't figure out whether I should go for De-Stressing, or Immunity or Beauty. A little more insight into the therapies and their effects would prove very helpful.
2. I felt that somehow the therapy room wasn't as fresh as the reception area. Maybe more aroma and a de-humidifier would have helped.

Final Word
I would recommend The Four Fountains Spa to my friends, family and all my readers.You can visit their website
 for more information.

You can also like their facebook page

Hope you enjoyed the review.
Loads of Love
The author was invited for a complimentary spa therapy for the review, but the author shares her honest thoughts about her experience.


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