My Latest Flipkart Buy

6/24/2013 Ruhie 4 Comments

Hola Lovelies.
Ok so I was eyeing this beauty from a long time now.I'm sure you must have seen ads of this one whenever you were online. Flipkart really promoted this one a lot. Unluckily it was the first time I was buying footwear online so I bought the wrong size and by the time I realized the same, the stock was over for my right size. But still awesome buy, ofcourse I'll have to gift them to my sister, but still worth it ;)

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  1. hey ruhie, these are frm globalite na... globalite is available on many other sites online like snapdeal and globalite itself.

    1. yup got it right, its globalite!!! I would definitely try to locate these beauties ^_^
      Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Hello dear, as you may already know - GFC is shutting down - hope you can follow me now on Bloglovin' instead. Here's my link: Have a nice day :** <3