Discovery of The Month : Soxxy!!!!

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing!! :) Today I'm gonna introduce you to my newest find!! Soxxy They have got a range of amazing and super chic socks that can revv up your look in an instant!!! Be it thigh-high, knee-high or ankle-length, they have the cutest collection ever!!!! You have to try them out!They are amazingly gorgeous!

About Soxxy:
Soxxy is a women's brand of non-slip fashion socks with a unique silicone grip of X's and O's on the inside top rim of the socks that hold your socks in place all day long. The Soxxy Fall/Winter collection features ankle, knee and thigh-high socks in stripes and solid winter color palettes. Soxxy Founder Sarah Stabile is part inventor, entrepreneur and marketer. In 2010, she pulled out her glue gun and began drawing X's and O's on the inside top rim of her sox in order to prevent them from slipping. After two years of global development and sourcing, Sarah is proud to introduce the coolest non-slip sox on the planet. From stripes, spots and metallics in a variety of colors - Soxxy is changing-up this once dull category by combining high fashion with utilitarian function.

1. Great collection
2. Amazingly easy user interface.
3. Find the soxxy blog which has various fashionistas experimenting with different looks *truly gorgeous*. One of them might just become your next inspiration ;)

1. The shop could include more products.Other than that, no con found!
So what are you waiting for!!! Go check em out!!! And yes ofcourse for my lovey dovey shopaholic readers, here's a lil gift from my side :)

15 % off coupon, cash it today & don't forget to like Soxxy on  Facebook ;)

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  1. Interesting post! I never thought socks could be so pretty!

    1. Thanx Georgia..Glad you liked it... <3