Top Gifts for Boys!!

Hola Lovelies!!
How you all doing? It's getting so cold these days with temperature going as low as 6 degrees, which of course is not so cold in some parts of the world where it gets to a minus :P Anyways!! It's more than cold for a summer loving girl like me!! 

Ok so you really want to know what could be a good gift for a guy!!! Other than booze or sports or :P You must be kidding me!! Gifting something to a girl is so damn easy!! It just has to be cute :L But gifting something to a boy is like a disaster in waiting!!

Why Gift? Because They are worth it !!! ^_^
Consider these experiences:

1) Me gift a friend a cute teddy, which could be used in the car or hanged any place. Very small teddy bear!!So my reason for gifting it was that I called him teddy, so I gifted him a teddy!! Yes, girls think that way!! But later as I retrospected of course I know why it wasn't the best gift!! :D

2) Me gift a friend a book:

He goes: "A book, pagal he kya (*are you crazy*) me and book :P lol "
My Reason: I read somewhere books are the timeless gifts, never fail gifts!!
Well the thing with guys is they will tell you the blatant truth especially if you are not their gf :P lol ( Of course the same guy went: Oh I love this writer when his gf gifted him a book  :| duhh )

3) Me gifted a friend a handmade decoupaged poster:

He goes: " Iske paise toh nahi lage na!!" (" I hope this didn't cost you much, I really could use some money")
Me: "Nahi Handmade he, zyada nahi lage"  ("No, it's handmade, didn't cost me much")
He: Main ise rakhunga kahan? ("Where will I keep It?")
Me: Cupboard me : | ("In the cupboard? ")
He: Vaha to tequila rakhi he :D (" I've hidden the tequila there")
Me: Ha usi ke sath rakh dena :-\ ( "Yeah Hide this alongwith it")

My Reason: I made that collage kinda of thing to show some depth to our friendship. Guess that works with girls only. But seriously its not his fault, getting something personal can be tough for guys, they have no clue on how to deal with it!! Posters, pictures, cards lie next to the tequila :D

So this is definitely not a friend thrashing post, I love my friends, they are the best and the most b'ful part of my life. But gifting them anything is like a disaster in waiting!!Just recently I read an article on the best gifts you could gift to a guy in a women's magazine, very smart as they were!!! They had a very clever list of membership to a sports fan club which gave tickets for all major matches of the season, membership to beer tasting clubs :D  wine tasting clubs etc etc. But its not possible for everyone. Why?

1) You might not have these clubs in your city.
2) The person with an intention to gift you something might not like these ideas.  Sorry Guys ;)

Hmm so here goes my list.But before, let's chalk out a rough distinction! Let us consider that there are two types of guys:
1) The Classy Guy
2) The Fun Guy

Please note that this distinction is very vague.There are actually many different types of guys but considering the problem at hand this division would work considerably well!

1) Books:

For the Classy Guy: Jeffery Archer, Oscar Wilde,  Paulo Coelho, William Shakespeare  You could also gift him books based on his hobbies like The Cities Book if he likes to travel, The Greatest Moments in Sports:Upsets and Underdogs, if he is into sports etc!Subscription to Reader's Digest!

For the Fun Guy: Series of Spiderman,Superman, Ironman,Batman... or if he into manga(even a little) believe me he'll love you if you gift him one, ofcourse its hard to find, you could order online or you could go for some other interesting comic series which are available in your country.

Well there are some books that every guy would love!!  Anyways!!

2) Gadgets

Now if there is one gift that I know for sure is a never fail in case of boys! It definitely belongs to the gadgets section!! It could be an iPod, iPad, iPhone, PS3, Kindle, 3D TV, DSLR's  ;) They will love you for it!!(End of discussion!!)But of course not everyone can afford so much love ;)  so let's get to the basics!!! In the affordable range please!!And this list applies to both types of guys equally so read on!

-> Flash Drives: Very Helpful without a doubt! Consider the creativity and buy something that goes with his personality  rather than something plain. Check out these 30 really cool and creative USB Drives!! There is a huge variety out there!! Of course you can also go for awesome hard drives, the more spacious , the better ( Consider a 1TB hard drive, perfect gift for a computer freak!)

-> Set of earphones: A set of cool earphones for his musical instrument, or that could go with his lappy, or if he is a gamer then he could use it there!!I think that would be a great gift. But be careful of the brand while buying!! There is a huge variety and loads of companies out there!!

-> Skins: Skins are thin, customizable sticker overlays that fit around a laptop, cell phone, mp3 player or even a bluetooth headset.They will dress up any gadget and make it stand out from the pack. You can design a cool, inexpensive skin custom fit to his product's specifications. Site For Great Gadget Skins

-> If he is into photography, you can gift him lenses, tripod or other such camera accessories.They are available at affordable rates across the Internet.

-> Other Accessories: Include earphone pouch, funky mouse pads, iPhone Charger, games for his gaming console etc etc.

3) Watches
Guys love cool watches!! Oh wait I love guys with cool watches!! teehee !! ;)  Anyways it's true both ways!! Insider Tip For Guys: Gift yourself a good looking watch!!Increases your first impression manifold!!  ;)
Believe me :D
I'll take that hand, anyday!! :D

Ok so while oogling the above picture is very easy, gifting a watch can be tough!! Consider the following tips:

1) Select a feasible budget:  you will get the same style in various prices, of course with a slight difference in quality so, decide the budget first!!

2) Consider his wrist size!

3) Strapped?? :Metal bracelet watches can be used as an everyday watch, suits everyone!! Leather band can be used when wanting a subtle touch, great for classy guys!Rubber strap for a fun loving guy like dean winchester ;) 
If he is a guy with large stature go for  large faced watches otherwise choose compact watch models. 

Ok so this was my experimental list. If any guy comes across my blog and happens to read this post, do recommend a plausible option if you have any!! I'll update the list now and then..And maybe one day it will become the perfect list, and when it does, you could sneakily pass on this link to your friends, gf , parents, relatives, grandparents..anyone and everyone who could gift you something at some point of life.I hope you enjoyed them.They are open for changes!! and Of course if you are someone from my life, expect more teddy, poster messes :D

Loads of Love


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  3. love all the gift ideas! Haha didnt though of all the gifts i could give a friend of mine :D I once gifted a friend(boy) a selfmade cake and he really liked it! So selfmade food is also a good idea for a present xD

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