Jibber Jabber: Karma Insufficient!!!

Shit!!What the hell is happening??
Why the hell am I feeling so low?? I feel so not in control of my life!!I feel like staying away from everyone!!Its like I am taking and taking and taking and that's all I'm doing!!!Life is giving me so much and I'm hardly able to reciprocate it to anyone!!Not that I don't want to, but I'm not able to!!And that makes me feel so not in control!!And I hate being not in control!! :(  Read further at your own risk!!!

There is this heavy heavy weight in my heart and I'm not able to move it off my chest!! It's a feeling like I'm bound to a huge debt!! A huge debt to everyone I've ever met in my life!! I feel so poor!!!

What meaning does anything hold if you cannot buy happiness for your loved ones!! I don't know where this thought process is headed to, and I don't know if I'm making any sense at all!!!

First of all I'd like to thank every person in my life!! Each and every person!!Every second that you gift me is treasured!!It really is treasured!! I don't know what I can do to reverse this oh so low feeling!! I'm just clueless!!

This suddenly feeling strangely low ,I attribute it to bad karma on my side!! I know must sound crazy!! Crazy as I am!!Yes everyone feels crazy at some point of time!!As one of my friend pointed out- " We feel everyone's normal on the outside, but it's when you really get to know them is when you understand how messed up their life is!" and also as another one of my friend said" Such moments they come and go!"

Lovely Friends I have ^_^ hehehehe...My relief!!! :) So anyways if you are someday feeling this way, just know that This too shall pass!!! :)

Loads of Love


  1. This shall Pass too.
    Don't worry.

    And Karma is doing this you think? Well, then Karma would have to do that to me everyday. :P

    Anyway, Take Care.
    May be you should talk to someone to clear your mind or lessen the burden on your heart may be. #MyOpinion

  2. Thanx Ajay :) Did juz that and feeling much better :)