Jibber Jabber: Be Back Soon!!

Hola Lovelies!!

I know it's a short notice leave :P But I'll be back soon. I'm gonna start with my new job, so the training period will be of 3 months approx. During that time, I'll be having almost no access to Internet, so blogging will take a back seat for a while!!But I'll be back asap!!! 
Loads of Love


How to Shop in A Sale??

Hola Lovelies!!
Ok so its officially the Sale Season!!! I get messages almost everyday from all leading brands Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Max, Westside etc etc that they have this on sale, that on sale !!Upto 50%, upto 60% and what not!!And guess what I have a few friends abroad, even they told me how it was the sale season there!! So I have to confess I went all out this sale season and " Shop till you Drop" was the only motto working on my mind. I got the best shoes, dresses, make up, more dresses, more make up and finally when the week ended I knew, I had so much to share!!!So here is a list of to do's when you plan to go shopping in a sale!! 

Top Gifts for Boys!!

Hola Lovelies!!
How you all doing? It's getting so cold these days with temperature going as low as 6 degrees, which of course is not so cold in some parts of the world where it gets to a minus :P Anyways!! It's more than cold for a summer loving girl like me!! 

Ok so you really want to know what could be a good gift for a guy!!! Other than booze or sports or :P You must be kidding me!! Gifting something to a girl is so damn easy!! It just has to be cute :L But gifting something to a boy is like a disaster in waiting!!

Why Gift? Because They are worth it !!! ^_^

Jibber Jabber: Karma Insufficient!!!

Shit!!What the hell is happening??
Why the hell am I feeling so low?? I feel so not in control of my life!!I feel like staying away from everyone!!Its like I am taking and taking and taking and that's all I'm doing!!!Life is giving me so much and I'm hardly able to reciprocate it to anyone!!Not that I don't want to, but I'm not able to!!And that makes me feel so not in control!!And I hate being not in control!! :(  Read further at your own risk!!!