Jibber Jabber

Feeling really happy :D Yeah just got some good news..Listening to Taylor Swift We are never ever getting back together :D Gives so much energy!!!

Damn did you check out the http://fuckyeahjeanlucbilodeau.tumblr.com/  , there playlist is like a killer!!! Sweeeet!! Yeah so today was one of the days when I start my day with blogging, watch Supernatural all day long!! Eat, pray, watch, etc :P Yes I cooked as well!! Yeah that is kinda cool I cook!!! :P Self Praise, whatever!!I cook the whole dinner,man!!! Ofc that's something!!! Has to be!!! :P

Did you check out the song "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees?? It's great!! Funky, totally awesome!! :D Take me to your love shack :D All you are giving me is fiction!! :D Like superrr!!!

Jibber Jabber Rocks!! :D :D 

Hmm so I have this feeling!! Like I can write a really amazing Drama series, like for real..I have so many stories going around in my head.Damn, I need to get my pen down once in a while..And guess what !!This morning I had this dream where I defeated a monster.Yeah the Supernatural effect, :P Most probably!! 

Ok so I have to confess today I've been rather pensive,like really pensive..Worrying about I don't know what non sense and now it feels good to finally make sense. Yet not :D Irony,right :D Whatever!!

Ok I'll tell you what's more ironical!!I'm afraid to lose what I don't own!! I mean something that is not mine!! Phew!!! n yes I have been trying to talk sense into myself!! But you know its kinda difficult, a bit!! :P Losing something you really don't wanna lose is not easy. 

Now listening to Wide Awake by Katy Perry!!!! Hoping it helps... I love it how Katy's voice just reaches right down to my heart!!! Right down to the bottom!!I'm falling from cloud 9, crashing from the high!!!I'm wide awake!!
Time to go now, take some sleep.Put this ever wandering mind to some rest.
Jibber Jabber Over :D
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