Inspiration: Stuff I love

GoodMorning Honey Buns
How is the new morning treating you?? I woke up so amazing,I had this B'ful dream and I woke up with a b'ful smile on my face!!Eeeppppp!!I love sweet dreams!!!

I decided to record some songs today, something I've been wanting to do from a long time. I hope my good voice stays by my side...hehehe...But my computer ports won't work and I can't figure out why but all my USB ports are jammed!1They won't react!!

So I'll be doing the audio part today and the video part someday else!! ^_^
Well that brings us to today's post!!I was just scouring my computer, trying to delete some mess!!And I found this adorable folder "Summer Time Love". I love all the images Check them out!!N tell me if you love them too!! 

I love this look,with the awesome orange leather bag.Just the right things,so chic!!