Trailer to a Bigger Picture ;)

Hey Lovelies!!!!  :) Before I start with the post,I must tell you I was so uninspired before writing this post, but after reading amazingly lovely comments on my previous posts,I was totally revved up!!!!! Ohhh Yeaaahh!!!! Bring it on baby!!!! :D

N Yeaahhhhh I even won a blogger award!!!!! Yipppeeeee!! The Versatile Blogger Award :) This award and lovely comments from my followers and I'm all charged up to do another post :D This is kind of a prequel to all that is gonna come :)

1) The Versatile Blogger Award. Click to know more about the amazing blogger who honored me with this award :) You really can't miss this one!!!

2) Well this post was decided long back!!! ;) It deals with all the turmoils and tribulations a girl faces when preparing to get ready for her graduation farewell party ;) :D

The faces and the secret will be revealed soon ;)

3) What am I listening to!!!! There is something going on in my head, well actually there is a lot but arrrghhh I'm so bad at expressing my self!! :( Have you ever missed anyone too badly but not been able to tell them about it cause you feared they would think that you are weird :D :P or maybe misinterpret you in some other way :\ To calm all these feelings I listen to some amazing stuff,the details will  follow :)

Stay tuned for some amazing action!!!! (*so cheesy*) I know :P  But seriously you will love it :P :D I know I had lots of fun making these posts :)

Loads Of Love
Keep Smiling

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

Hey Lovelies !!!It is so amazing to know that your work is appreciated by a person whose work you appreciate so much :)
Thanxxx a ton Phoenix, it means a lot to me!!! :)

So we know the rules :)

1) Create a new post
2) Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award 
3) Pass it on to your fellow bloggers
4) State 7 random facts about you
5) Claim and post the award pic
Well lovely Phoenix ;) hehehe Thanx a lot.... God Bless You :)
 Now for the 3rd rule, I have so many bloggers I just totally adore!!! :) But here is a list of  bloggers who I would like to confer this award to :)  (*In no special order*)
 For the 4th Rule ( My Blabber Starts :D :P )

1) I love experimenting with my looks, trying new stuff, inspired looks etc etc :P I'm a total freak :D

2) I love cinematography, I would love to direct movies and create great stuff, be it videos or movies or serials, I don't know :P But my brain works in that direction so much.. :P that is in the field of direction ;)

3) I love anime!!! I can't tell you I'm sucha huge fan!!! Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bokura ga Ita, my whole room is adorned with anime wallpapers :P I wanna visit Japan so much...

4) I wear glasses with power :P and though I have lens I never really wear them except for special occasions .But the quirky thing with my glasses is that I always forget where I removed them and roam about the whole house knocking things over :D and then my mom finds them for me :P *I often suspect if there is pixie involved, but I leave the thought at that * :D :P

5) I'm kinda self conscious and weak at times :\ but fortunately I can be very strong from the inside out when the time comes :)) Proud of myself for that reason :) Totally love adventures, waiting for the BIGGGG  adventure in my life :)

6) I love poetry,it could be any intense feeling that triggers it, but I love best to express myself through poetry :)

7) I love outdoors and nature :) They heal and make me feel good whenever I'm down :) The breeze, the birds, the sun, the moon and he's a b'ful world  ;) :)

Yay ;) I'm a Versatile Blogger (*winks*)  hehhehehe :P

Loads Of Love