Fashion Post: Farewell Memoirs#1

Hey Lovelies!!!! Ohh It's been so long since I wrote a post :P Hope you all checked out my lil story-incident-post  Kyra N Me  . I'm trying hard to improve my writing skills.It's just so hard :D :P Anyways, I promised to make my blog real fashion heavy after my exams,so here is a sneak peek to an amazing photoshoot. :)

Whole Look Designed by: DesignerHailly Verma
Photography By: Sudeep Singh

Do tell me how you liked the look. :) A very special thanks to my lovely sweetheart Aakriti who gave me her pics for the blog.The next post will be on my saaree and style :) So Don't miss the next post :D Many more lovely Indian saaree and styles to come :)

Take Care
Keep Smiling