Kyra and Me

Ky: “What do you wish for right now?”

The question resonated in my head back and forth. The answer was something special, yet oblivious. I tried hard to concentrate, her words echoed through my brain.

Ky: “Tell me what you really want, not what you think you might want. Open up your heart.”

I heard a click and there it was.

Me: “I want the morning breeze. I wish to fill my ear with the sweet melody of birds chirping. I wish to feel water beneath my feet, the sweet, cold embrace. I want the wind to ruin my hair for me today. I wish to let go of all barriers and enjoy to my heart’s content. But most of all I want the sun to light up my heart. I did all this back when I was a little girl, but looking back it almost feels like a fairy tale.”

Ky: “Well, then it is a fairy tale and I’m your fairy Godmother.”

Me: :P “I don’t know.”

Ky: “Hehehehe…Oh C’mon ..What are you afraid of?”

Me: “Maybe the Sun.” :D

Ky: “Don’t worry about that as we have our Sun Expert at hand. B) Just prepare the itinerary my friend and enjoy.” :)

Well that was the conversation between me and Kyra, lying on a cool bed on a starry night she brought back all my childhood memories, my dreams and my hearts wishes. But the best was the reassurance that I’ll be safe. :)

That brings us to Kyra, well for the start she is a girl bitten by wanderlust. I’ve never seen someone as enthused about traveling and having fun as her. She is an amazing friend, but most of all she is my soul mate who brings out the best in me every time.  And all that when we are still strangers at many levels, I guess that’s the true meaning of a soul mate.

Next morning came in quite unexpected. I found myself quite enthused and full of energy.
We woke up at 5:00 in the morning. As I drove her to the nearest swimming pool, I could see the surprise right in her eyes.

Ky: “Swimming?? So early??”

Me: “Well there is a magic I need to show you my Fairy Godmother. “ ;) 

Ky: “Ohh So the mere mortal is up with a magic trick “ :D

Me: “Yup and I hope that you will like it.” ;)

Ky: “Well I’m sure I’ll like it but I guess it’s time to call our Sun Expert for the day.Welcome Lakme Sun Expert Range. You’re Safe.   Nothing better than a sunscreen before swimming “ :) ;)

 We dressed up in our swimming gears, sunscreen and goggles on like a pro at the deep end of the pool side.

Ky: "Hey M, the water is calling us :P It looks so cool .I wanna jump." :D

Me: "Just a few more minutes my dear friend."  :D

I was waiting for something. And somehow even after years of staying away my heart knew exactly when it was the right time.

Me: “Yes, at the count of 10 I want you to dive in with me. Hold your breath because we will stay underwater for a while, you ready?? ”

Ky: “You bet.” ;)

Me: “10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 Let’s Go.”

Theeessshhhhhhh…we dived right into the crystal blue water. At first nothing was clear but then as the bubbles subsided and we went deeper, vision got clearer.
I gestured her to hold my hand. In a matter of seconds we reached the floor surface. I signaled her to hold on to the stair bar and look up.

And then it started. Like a child’s box of blue mixed with a bright yellow. Like gold piercing in through one fine line at a time. The first sun rays lit up the pool floor. I gestured Kyra towards my hands which turned golden as I tried to touch the rays falling onto the lap of the cool water.

I held her hand tightly and we waded towards the surface.

Ky: “That was beautiful!!!”

Me: “The time for magic has begun Kyra”  :)

We took a long breath and went in again. As we swam across the pool,bubbles all around us turned golden blue. Rushing back to the surface for air.                     
Ky: "Wow! It’s so beautiful. It’s like the water turned into gold.” :)

Me: “Yup that’s the magic of the Sun.”


~ Ruhie

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