Pre Bday Post

Hey Lovelies,
How you people been?? :)  It has been like such a hectic schedule for me, because of my major project, my farewell preps and my bday preps and my exams :P I know the list is quite long :D

I just wish I could blog more,but I'll be back with a bang after my exams are over. And I have so much to blog about. But today I came in to do this last post before heading for my exam preps.

1) It's My Bday!!!!!!!!! 

9th of April!! Yay that's my bday  B)
I'm superexcited. After my work I'm gonna catch up a horror flick + romantic flick with my friends over popcorn. Maybe cut a cake, and njoiiii :D

2) It's my Graduation!!!
Yep, It's my exams in May-June and then I'll be a graduate.Feels HUGE!!! But the best part is the farewell party which is gonna be held on 12th of this month. I'm all decked up for the same B) Wanna a peak of my ensemble for the night? Here it is  ;)

It's not the ditto, but on the same lines.Shriya in this pic is so my inspiration.She looks so fabulous, doesn't she???? Anyways, I'm gonna don a saree and I'll definitely update you with the pictures, so don't worry you will definitely get to see a lot of fashion oozing up my blog. Oh yeah Farewell night Fashion quotient is so up!! :D

3) My Exams and Major Project!!!
Yeah I already mentioned. My exams are around the corner. I really hope I get good grades. You know what they say " All is well that ends Well" or maybe it was something else :P Anyways!! Please do pray for me that I get good grades... :) I've also been working on my major project, which is a web crawler software, but I'm not gonna eat you with the technical details.I'll make a video after my exams maybe that will advertise my software :)  :D

4) TwoMangoes!!!

So I had this great opportunity of being personally invited by Jas Banwait from to visit their website and review it. I think it's a great place. I found it safer and the concept of so many fruits and laddoos :D reflects amazing creativity. To be honest,I think 'm in love with their whole  team . They are young, dynamic and amazingly talented. Check out their cool videos and get the whole idea of TwoMangoes

Apart from the great website they have come up with, they also have a great blog that deals with relationship, dating tips, travel and so much more and it is a great forum.Check it out Here.

So that's all for the day.I'll be back after my exams.Gonna miss you all so much... :)
Buckets and Buckets full of love


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