Talking about X

Hey Lovelies...
Wonderin what's the X talk. :D Today I'm gonna post about the most favorite person for everyone : Ex. Yeah :P Now I have a friend who just had a breakup and we were discussing " The Side Effects Of Love" when it popped out from our conversation, excellent as it was.So I decided to do a post about it, to spread more information about this very amazing person of everyone's life :D

Types Of Exes

1) The Sad Ex: Hmm so this is the ex, who is very sad about the whole breakup thing. (sob sob) Yeah you can take clues from DevD :P There is no easy answer with them. Because anything you say that involves not coming back together would be futile.This is the worst actually.You can't make them feel good as long as you are breaking up and your conscience gets all the brunt.But they are also mostly the silent sulky ones and its usually their friends who come to know about it. :P

2) The Stalker Ex : Phone calls, dropping by near your classes/work, keeping a view of everything that you do, following your every movement even when you are not together anymore.Yeah that's the stalker ex for you. They might behave like it's done but without your knowledge they have all the info about you.Sorry to say but they are obsessively in love with you.