Favorite January 2012 Picks :)

Hey Lovelies :)
Hope everyone is doing fine. I've decided to do a post every month to keep a check on all the products I bank on. I hope this would help me in future when I'd want to recall what products worked for me and which ones didn't. :P So this is what I use everyday and these products work for me pretty decently. Hope they help you too  :D  No Probz if they don't.You can tell me about your favorite products.

Photography Blog Post: Lasting Impressionz

Hey Everyone :) Today I'm doing a post on my dear friend and my favorite photographer " Nitin Pujari"  :D   I'm doing a photography blog post on all his pictures that are my favorite.
All of his pictures are stolen!! :D Yes I confess!! Poor Chap :P yeah but he is a sweetheart!!

My Official Blog Photographer :D

Thanks a lot to my dear friend for helping me beautify my blog time and over again ;) and for many more stuff :D

Loads of Love