Photo Booth: Life & Times of My Grey Lenses

Hey Everyone :)
I'm doing an FOTD for today.These are pics from my brother's marriage :D I tried wearing grey lens to make over looks and man!! Did they change my looks completely. Wearing colored lenses can change your looks by a huge measure. I'll soon be doing a post on colored lenses and their types and uses, some amazing brands you can go to etc etc...So stay tuned and for now Enjoy the FOTD :) Do tell me how you like them.I'd love to hear from you :)

Alberto VO5 Vanilla Tea Clarifying Conditioner Review: My Experience

Hey Everyone!!
Before raving on the wonderful review for Alberto VO5 conditioner.Let's see some very important reasons why you should start practicing Co-Washing at the first place.

Why Co-Washing!!!??

1. The Amazing fragrance ( Ok this might come to you alot esp if you have read the First Part of my review , but seriously, it's true :) )

2. You get soft, moisturized and clean hair, without stripping your hair off dry.