A Night with Kathakali and Chenda Melam

From the sensousness of a woman with a baby at her breat into the seductive mischief of Krishna's smile.He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains- Arundhati Roy (To the Kathakali Man)

Hola Lovelies :)
How ya'all doing? I had the chance to experience a beautiful and enthralling  show by Gandhi Seva Sadan, Palakkad, Kerala. Some of the pictures to the beautiful event!

There were two parts of the show:

1) "Chenda Melam" ( Read all about it HERE )
2) "Kathakali" (Read about it HERE )

The show started with an excellent Chenda Melam Performance. All the artists were so good and the fact that the group had so many young faces, playing their respective instruments with such dedication and passion!!I was thoroughly moved. There was not a moment when I stopped swaying to their beats.

It was better than any live musical show I've ever witnessed till date. The whole auditorium was filled with their energy and vibrations. I was also amazed by their efforts,they played their instruments continuously, and with such finesse!!  They did an excellent job!! It prepped the whole audience for the coming attraction "The Kathkali Performance".

After the Chenda Melam, Kathakali (a highly stylized Indian Dance Drama) depicting the story of Duryodhana Vadham was staged (You can read about the story HERE . ) It is an excerpt from Mahabharata leading and culminating the death of Duryodhana which also ends the war.

The whole story was exquisitely woven together and  presented by the Sadanam Artists.The costumes, the make up, the dance, the expressions,the singing, the music everything was just perfect!!!

Some of the portions were just too good. Like when one of the portions when Duryodhana and Dushasana decide  not to respect Lord Krishna as he comes to their castle. They made it more entertaining by involving the audience into the whole scene, they guided  and shouted at us not to get up when Krishna comes, but as soon as the auditorium's back door opened and Krishna made his appearance the audience involuntarily got up to have a look :D and they kept shouting and acting like we were the people in their castle!! It was all so good :D

Other great scenes were when Bheema and Dushasana were fighting, they got down from the stage and fought in the aisle, giving the audience a close up view of their performance.I totally loved that!!Then another awesome scene was when Bheema attains the lion power (Narsimha) and kills Dushasana by tearing the abdomen and pulling out the intestines. Impeccably Performed!!

I also enjoyed the music.The singers did an amazing job and I was amazed by their vocal power,beautifully sung every portion and anchored the whole dance drama.And the instrumentalists were fabulous too.I think the youngest of them must have been 10, maximum 12 years old and yet the kind of power, dedication and passion he showed!It was amazing! 

I'm so happy that United Malayalee Association took such a great initiative to promote the traditional arts of Kerala and presented them to the people of Bhopal.It was to mark their 28th anniversary celebration.I wish them all the very best for all their future endeavors!! I also congratulate Gandhi Seva Sadan for their mind blowing performance and efforts to keep alive the rich and resplendent tradition of Kerala.

Hope you all enjoyed the pics my lovely readers.I was totally engrossed in enjoying the performance so couldn't really get into the photographic mode, nevertheless I'm happy to share the experience!!Also If you ever get a chance to see such a performance, DON'T EVER MISS IT!!  

Loads Of Love


  1. I have always been a big fan of mohini attam and this actually gives me goosebumps..
    the heavy costumes and the expressions they give.!
    cool clicks :)

    1. Really Appu, me too love that dance form :)
      Thnx a lot <3

  2. It's a stunning dance form !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  3. Replies
    1. It's like exploring India myself! Lovely pictures love all of them. You really had a good time. :)

      btw, we could follow each other via gfc if you'd like just let me know. :)


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  5. Loved the snaps Ruhie. Very detailed and well arranged. Like watching the show live.