Quco Hair Perfume Spray Review - Midnight Purple

Name of the Product
Quco Hair Perfume Spray 

Why I bought it?
Ok winter is here.Do you know what that means especially for students, less of hair wash!!!We go out at 7 in the morning and return trip is at 9 in the night after all the coachings, leaving no time for hair wash :P except our favorite sunkissed Sundays whn you can wash your hair, soak the sun for hours drying your hair and then get the gorgeous afternoon nap. But apart from that the whole week often has to go without, unless you want to invite flu and fever in this numbing cold weather.Anyways I think you got the picture ,so for all those days and others when one feels like,you can use this!!!I had been dying to try this one since its release, finally it made to my closet. :P ;)

My Experience
It is available in three fragrances,I don't really remember their names, but I got this one out of choice. The thing about it is that the fragrance is very strong, I mean you realize that you have applied a very good smelling product to your hair :P :D It lasts too!!I applied it in the evening and I could get traces of it on the next day evening too.

How To Use:
You can apply it on any kind of hair, dry or wet, as per your wish. Keep the can at 15 cm and spritz lightly through your hair.

Midnight Purple

Rs 250 for 150ml


Metal can with spray nozzle

Same as your ordinary perfume/deo bottle, a metal can which is fairly travel friendly.

* Smells amazing.
* The Fragrance lasts long.
*It contains no alcohol, so won't harm your hair.

*Costly!!! ( for a hair perfume)
*Very less quantity, I'm not sure how long this bottle will last.
*Availability might be an issue.

Next time you have a party to attend, but you don't have enough time or means to wash your hair, you can use livon silky potion to tame your hair(I hope you know the rule, damp,dab,dazzle :P ) and then you can spritz this for added freshness!! ^_^ and really dazzle!! :D

Hope you enjoyed the review
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  1. Where did u get it..?
    I guess, I wanna try :D

    ❤I Diva❤

    1. Apoo I got it from one of the stores near my place :P

  2. Im so getting this !
    Apoorva you ca buy this at urbantouch.com :)
    xoxo <3


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