Photo Booth: Diwali Pics!!

Hola my sugar beans!!
How you all been doing??It has been such an amazing few weeks with Diwali (Indian Festival) and Friends and Family!!Everything was just perfect. I had so much fun, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Here are some fun pics of that day!!!

The day was so full of fun, it was also my friends b'day, so we spent the whole afternoon in the upper lake having loads of fun and boating.Later that day my friends came over to my place which was also so much fun.Then after I was free, I got into the tedious yet most interesting job of putting the rangoli's. I made one at y relatives place and one at my place.It was already 8 pm by the time I finished my Rangoli :P It is always so time consuming, yet totally fun!!!After I got ready and did the pooja, it was fultu masti time!!! We (me and my friends) roamed around till late at night, ate loads and loads of Gujiya!!! Crackers, photography, posing and ofc our joke factory!! :D It was too good!!!

Rangoli @ Ramya di and Krishna :) My Sweetest Neighbours!!

Rangoli @ Me
For my Diwali Look
I curled my hair :P Yes that means I've got a new curler !! :D Diwali Dhamaka :D ;) Me likey!!
I'm Wearing
Rangamnch Kurta  - Pantaloons 
Churidar - Pantalooons
Mojadi- City Fair
Bindia chamkegi, chuddi khankegi!! ;)

My curled hair were such a bliss :D
The Complete Look

Now time for some Random Pics 

Lights Everywhere!!!! ^_^

Random Posing :P

Anaar-Kali!!! :D

Chakri Chali!! :P

Diwali!!Perfect Time for Bokeh Pictures ^_^

Happy Diwali to all my Lovelies!!ofc Belated :P
All pictures taken by my sweetheart Krishna (Neighbor Love). Hope you enjoyed the pictures and also Your Diwali!! ^_^

Loads and Loads of Love


  1. Wow, you hair is amazing. So nice pics. Have a great day.

  2. Lovely pics! Happy Diwali and New year :)

    Sita & Radha xx

  3. Lovely outfit Ruhie! I love your beautiful long curly hair! ^◡^

  4. I adore your look here Ruhie. Very nice post!

  5. The photos of all the lights are so pretty. Great outfit, love your accessories!

    Suzie Q

  6. really nice pictures and love the rangoli

  7. Even I love making different Rangoli designs every year. This Diwali I am surely going to pick something from here. Lovely designs must say! Thanx for sharing.