Jibber Jabber

Hola lovelies
Ok so I have been watching non stop episodes of FRIENDS. I think I'll puke Friends :P it's all filled inside of me. Well on my real friends, you know a few months back, (actually a year) we all, yeah all of my friends attended a campus placement drive and guess what all of us got selected!!!Isn't that great!! It's mostly Jibber Jabber, but still if you are interest!!Read More.... :P

Yeah you better think so, because it turns out that this December all my friends get to go their training, except me. This so great!!All of my friends!!!I'm gonna miss them so much, oh no but whats better is that I'll have to spend the entire 3 month training session alone when it begins in jan/mar. I'm gonna be alone for 3 months and then I'll have to start with a whole new set of friends at my workplace (which is not that bad, seriously coz I'm so not a shy girl ) Phew!!!

Making friends can be unnerving !!It wasn't a few years back when I was new to it, but now its like start the whole process again!!OMG!! (Yeah I've had some very amazing experiences and so I say). Please my blogger friends don't get me wrong, but you have to agree with me, making real life friends isn't easy and losing your very special ones is so damn difficult (stop that tear).

Ok maybe I'm just overreacting just a little bit. I just hope everything goes well.I hope that I get a job for these 3 months to fill up my time and feel fulfilled.I hope I start a good exercise regime and quit this binge eating (yeah sad moods make me wanna eat all kinds of weight-increasing foods). I hope I master that guitar I've been trying to learn. I hope I do a good enough job at my blog. I hope I study well. And lastly for now, I just hope my friends don't ever forget me in this racy life.And that's never forget me ever!!!!

Thanks for hearing me out. Love you all.

P.S: If you get confused in the second and third para its because I'm practicing positive thinking and so cannot write anything negative :P Please use your brains to de-code that one.


  1. I agree darlin, making real friends can be really difficult.:)
    I am sure no one will ever forget you.

  2. Haa haa ! i love friends !!
    Where are you from? if from mumbai, you wanna ctch up someday? :D
    xoxo <3


    1. I'm from Bhopal :) But I'd love to meet up whenever I come to visit Mumbai :* <3

  3. There's always first time in everything! ^◡^
    You can do it Ruhie! We wish you all the best! ^◡^


  4. I'm agee with you making some real friends isn't so easy :( but I'm sure that your hope will be granted <3

  5. yea fake friends are everywhere, sadly. all the best for you though xx

    Letters To Juliet

  6. It's good that you can make friends so easily. I am not that good. Trust me.

    But what happens at training is that you get to meet a lot of different people. Not Just from one place, but many. So, since you are not shy (like me), you have an amazing platform to make new friends.
    And I guess it would be very hard for your friends to forget you. No kidding. :P

    Ok, I just realized. I am only guy commenting in this post. And I am writing too much, I will stop now.

    Anyways, Have Fun making new Friends. And Guitar...hmm... Singer, huh? :P #Kidding
    All the Best. :)

  7. oyiii... that friends line was said in opposite sense :D
    I'm too shy :P :\ anyways... :D Two shy ppl make gr8 frnz :D Hi-5 ;)

    1. Opposite sense, huh! I think I have learn understanding some English. :P
      And No Kidding!
      *Imagines as you not being shy* - Not Possible.

      But anyways, since you are saying. I am taking your word for it.

      Big Hi-5. :D

    2. Yeah, But still.. Something doesn't sound right. :P