Awards and Love!!

Hola Lovelies :)
Ok this is huge huge huge!! :) Just last week I won an award and now I get a Award Shower *eep* Lovin it!!!Thank you Samannita.

Apart from the awards I also get a token of friendship from Samannita which I accept with all my love *kisses* :)
Thank you so much Samannita  for this love, means so much to me!!I love making new friends and I'm so glad you gave this token of friendship to me!! :)
Don't forget to check out her blog for some great reviews and beauty related amazingness ^_^

Now I pass the above mentioned awards to the following bloggers, they are free to accept and pass any of the four awards along with the friendship picture as a token of friendship from my side ^_^

Kristen from Kristenglam
 Abhilekha from fashioncurbster
Rose from fashionrhapsody
 Francesca from dontcallmefashionblogger
 Fabrizia from cosamimetto
Wreyzza from fashionmoto

Congratulations to all ^_^
Loads of Love


  1. congo girl :D
    xoxo <3

  2. Congratulations Ruhie! These are loads of wonderful awards! ヅ
    Thank you for sharing them with us, it's much appreciated! ヅ

    1. Thnx dear..n you are welcome sweetz ^-^

  3. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    I already follow you on gfc and bloglovin.:-)

  4. Happy Diwali to you and ur family Ruhie.:)

  5. thanks for the adward! I feel honored! :)