The Sweet Life ~ 200 Follower's Giveaway!!!

10/12/2012 Ruhie Kumar 28 Comments

Hola My lovely Sugar Pies
It's a bright sunny morning and I'm soooo happy. Finally I made it to the 200 follower's mark.It means so much to me!!!

This blog has been a real haven for me whenever I was feeling high or low :D I'm so in love with all the lovely bloggers out there who have encouraged me throughout my journey.You guys are the best!!!! Thank you for all your support.Your kind words mean so much to this lil girl!!!

So on this beautiful ocassion I'm holding a chotu sa, pyara sa giveaway!!! :) 
It's open to Indian Residents Only , but don't worry!!(I'll be holding an International Giveaway veryyy soon!!) ;)

You can win Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This is only my second giveaway. Hope you all like it :P Do Participate and Try your Luck!!! :)
Loads Of Love and Kisses

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  1. hey ! lovely blog you have...i am your new follower...
    Entered your giveaway dear :)
    if it possible visit sometime in my space too...

  2. Ah for sure I'll follow you too<3 :) I don't mind if you out my tutorial on your blog, it makes me even happier ^_^
    With love, Minnie

  3. have such a beautiful n lovely blog dear :)
    I luved the font.You r so creative.
    m ur new follower.
    if u like do follow mine n support my blog

  4. hi thnxx for the lovely giveaway..i am ur new follower ..awesome blog

  5. Woah ! congo girl :D
    xoxo <3

  6. congratulation chick! I'll be waiting for the international giveaway! ;-) I'm actually having a giveaway on my blog too if you're interested?

    Cherry Lane xoxo

  7. Hi dear! You said u are following but unfortunately I don't see u on my GFC followers...did u do it publicly?
    please check and let me know

    1. I corrected it dear :) No worries :* <3

  8. M ur new follower...Entered the giveaway..hope to win..
    I would love if u visit my space

  9. U have an amazing's very pleasing to the eyes....
    n thnx for this lovely giveaway.....

    Wud love it if u dropped by my blog sumtym.. :)

  10. Thanks for the give away dear..i am in...;)

  11. hey.. im unable to enter my details :(
    it says we cant get u :( :(

  12. Finally.. I entered.. Wish me good luck.. :)

  13. u have a great blog :) following u now :) do visit my blog if u can ...
    thanku :)

  14. Congratss... for 200.. ;)
    1 must say ... i found ur blog different from others blog :)... really cool....

  15. I am a new follower to your blog. Loved your blog.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    Entered it.

  16. lovely blog. give more informations and reviews

  17. Lovely giveaway Ruhie..:) entered.
    Thank you for participating in my giveaway dear.:)
    i am following you too now.
    stay in touch..<3

  18. woww! your blog is so cutee! i like it very much! especially the "fashion part"
    you just gain a new member! :)
    would you like to follow each other/?