Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks ~ Review and Swatches (Ripe Plum, Coral Rose, Radiant Red)

GoodMorning Lovelies!!! 
Today is girl's special review :P My favorite range of lippies as a student ,who has a meager pocket money and loads of expenditure ( aamdani aathanni, kharcha rupaiyaa) :P Damn I really hope I get a job soon. I want my money, I wanna go crazyyy :D 

Ok so the evil laugh apart,today I'm gonna be an angel and tell all you girls out there who have the same condition as mine.Introducing you to the amazing range of lipsticks from Oriflame. They go by the name Oriflame Pure Color. 

Read on to know more !!!

How To Use
So ofc this is very easy.Every girl knows how to put on some lipstick :D Courtesy Movies, moms,elder sisters, or simply tv serials, nowadays we also have so many amazing Makeup gurus, youtube gurus :P ofc there is one guru whose post you are reading *smug*

2.5 gm for Rs 99/- 
and 4 gm for Rs 179/-

My Experience

Swatches: With Flash (L-R : Ripe Plum, Coral Rose, Radiant Red)

The texture is smooth.Glides along on your lips. 

None, which is a great thing (for me) :) 
Swatches:Natural Light
* It is fairly moisturizing.
* It has a bit of a shine to it, which I like. Not matte.
* Great shades with good pigmentation.
* Soo Pocket Friendly, they have definitely helped me fulfill me lipstick fetish :D Experiment, experiment, experiment !!!!
* Easy to carry.
* Great for daily use
* The color stays long on your lips, even though the initial shine might fade off if you eat or drink, but the color stays.

* As you can see in the swatches itself, the color and the shine tend to separate. I don't know how I explain this but yeah the darker shades have a certain tendency. The color concentrates on the ridges and lines of your lips making it look rather uneven, though it is not so visible in case of lighter shades, but the problem persists. To prevent the uneven look I always use a moisturizing lipbalm to smooth out my lips and then apply the lipstick with a lipbrush evening it out everywhere. Or you can also smooth it out with your finger tips after applying, whichever way suits you.

* There is no SPF 

*Packaging might not catch everyone's fancy. It's really plain and the plastic top cover even tends to build cracks , a girls bag is not safe haven for fragile lippie covers, I guess :P

* They have a tendency of melting out, if it happens just place it in the refrigerator for sometime.( P.S.: DO NOT PUT IT IN THE FREEZER, you want a  LIPSTICK not an ICE STICK ) :P :D

* Availability might be an issue, as they are available only through Oriflame agents or online shops

Final Word

They are a definite go-to if you are on a tight budget. In the range they lie, they are defintely too good. Ofcourse if you don't have a budget constraint you might want to look in other directions :D Read Loreal,MAC, Maybelline etc etc

Have you used this product before?? Let me know, What you think about it!!! :)

Loads of love and Kisses :*


  1. Nice review Ruhie :D Let me mix coral rose and radiant red to get a nice daily wear shade! These are very affordable too.

    1. Thnx dear :) I tried mixing too :D It gives a gr8 mauve shade, do try it!!!

  2. Hmmmm.. not my type of texture! very glossy n messy! :\

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    1. I agree, tends to be over glossy at times..I try the apply-botch-apply-botch technique to get only the colors onto my lips..Skip the mess :P :)