My Heart Speaks

I took a long break....Almost broke down...The hurt was too much to handle, but the irony was there wasn't much hurt.Mostly just the shadow and some personal set of fears. and also nothing went right.Everything against and I couldn't take it anymore. So I took a really long break, to find myself again. Won't say the process is complete, but anyways.The comatose situation is so boring!!! Fickle-minded maybe!! Or maybe because I just want to face all my problems and fears and whatever the shit it is stopping me. Ahh its not easy sitting waiting for a miracle, when I can write one for me.

Hmm ok so I'm what, the lone wolf :P I don't know..I'm not sure, anyways so if you are wondering why the hell am I telling you all this :P :D That's right. I dont know sweetz... Anyways if you are listening I have a story. You know once upon a time there was a little girl who fell in love but like always with love lost it. Crazyy ways of love, right whatever!!!! So fortunately for the little girl she got help, but she denied it completely because she didn't wanted to end up in the same circle. So she wreaked whatever she had and then she realized that things could go right if she believed, if she just hold on...But ofcourse again it was too late... She wreaked things again, yeah she has major affinity for that!! Wreaking Great Stuff!!!

So she started a blog,maybe to build a bridge back to a past which was really b'ful. If only she knew that you only had the future to work upon and nothing but the memories of a past. So by the time she realized that it's not gonna work it was just not painful, it was just that it didn't feel like anything. Yeah and now we are referring to the comatose situation. Like a heavy duty mental sleep mode.

She tried many a things she had been wanting to do but nothing worked. Of course that happens!!Like they say Shit Happens!!! You need to be the frog someday's, you need to eat that shitty poisoned apple, you need to take a lot of orders from people who don't care, and someday's you need to be lost to get a hold of yourself. Today I acknowledge that I'm hurt alot maybe, but also I acknowledge that I don't like to cry too long, wait too long, have someone pity on me...Nah that is so not me!!!!

So I'll take the hurt as it is..And yes I'm not afraid to accept that I'm hurt, but that doesn't mean that you can go around poking me about what happened.I hate that :P like seriously!!!! Its a feeling more like a warrior maybe you know a lot of hurt but we don't do the talking about the hurt, we talk about the glories of the war, not the pain. Pain isn't something to be pitied about , its more of something to be proud of!! Like raise your head and take all that it takes. This is my blog!!! For like quite a while I wrote for others, now its my turn!!!

It's gonna be about me from now. It's gonna be genuinely and a 100% of me. And people who know me like personally I know I always hide my blog from you all, I will continue to do that :P But I know many of you have a hold to my address so for all of you, just a request Don't be Kind to me  :P I'm a warrior and I like it hard and face on. I hate to be pitied on and sympathized instead you could swear at me and that would be great :P :D Yayyy for friendship!!!Love ya'all....

And for all my readers yeah you got a twisted blogger here :P but she is not so bad either!! Everybody deserves a second chance :) Hope that anyone reading this post realizes that shit happens all around the globe and you can't do nothing to change that. Just keep walking and don't loose that smile on your face.  There will be people who hurt you even when all you gave them was your love and trust. That's what life is all about. Don't be afraid to be happy even in face of problems. So yeah this is kinda my welcome speech :) Hope you all have a great day.

Keep Smiling


  1. Gr8 post girl. Got to know you a bit more :D
    xoxo <3

    1. Thnx hun :)
      that si so sweet of u :*

  2. Well...
    Since you are one, I can't give much advice.
    Else, I don't know what will happen of me. :P

    "Don't be kind to me." Lol.
    Sorry, Just can't help laughing. Sry. :[ :P

    But, I'll try to be Kind. Being otherwise is not my type.

    And Twisted Blogger? You?
    Clearly, you haven't seen me(my blog). You would be surprised. No Kidding. :D

  3. @Ajay....u wait..u wait and watchhh!!! lol hmmmm?? :P
    I'll get back to u on this one :D
    n yes I've defi seen ur blog...ur not twisted enuf B| :P :D

    1. Yeah, *Waiting* & *Watching*.
      Still Nothing's happening. :P

      OK, Sure thing. Get back whenever you want. I would be ready, if I ain't sleeping. :P

      You must have seen just some of the topics or the when-I-was-feeling-good posts.
      You would be surprised how twisted I am, and you would probably think Can anyone be That Twisted? :P #NotKiddingAtAll