Boyfriend Fashion:How to Rock the Androgynous Look

Hola Cupcakes!!!
How ya'all doing??So I was just going through my friends pictures the other day when I found her sporting her bf's watch which looked so cute on her!! Boyfriend fashion, I don't know if that term exists!!I coined it up right now. Today in this lovely post we are gonna discuss about one of the best fashion trends I've seen, my favorite of all!!! Irresistibly Cute and adorable!! This fashion is all about stealing stuff from your boyfriend's Wardrobe!! And believe me there is so much to steal ;)

Let's get it started!!

1) Boyfriend Watches

* This is definitely one of my favorite trends!! They have this really cute boy-ish charm to them.You can pair them with almost any kind of dress.This style can look classic and sophisticated, funky and fashion forward or sleek and modern, depending on how you wear it.

* Try going for a vintage look if buying a boyfriend watch.

* Make sure the fitting is good. Though they shouldn't fit as tight as your own watch would, a little slide down would only look gorgeous.

* If you are petite, go for styles in which band is thinner than the case.

You can get an amazing collection of boyfriend watches at:

2) Boyfriend Blazer

* This is such a must - have piece in every girl's wardrobe!!They are slimming, versatile!!You can wear them with ANY pair of jeans, skirt, even a summer dress can be such a delight with the right boyfriend blazer.They are ultra - feminine and fabulous.Especially with the fall arriving you need to get your hands on one of these!!

* It's all about mixing a tweak masculinity with your inner femininity which makes this look so desirable.You can work them out with your favorite vest and skinny jeans.Let down your hair and keep the boots on your feet.

* When buying a boyfriend blazer make sure the fitting is great.Though its all about big size, loose cut won't help you nail the look. BB is all about cuts and elegance so try on a few pieces before finalizing. See which cuts and which fit suits you most. Give it a little time when buying and it will turn out to be an investment for life.

* Go for BB with rolled sleeves, they make the look so feminine.

* Avoid pairing BB with flares and high boots.


3) Boyfriend Jeans


* Roll the Boyfriend jeans at the bottom till just above the ankle.

* Try feminizing the masculine look by wearing slim fitting tops and girly footwear and chunky bracelets.

* The key is comfort. Choose a pair of jeans that is both comfortable and has a good fit.They are supposed to be bulky but don't confuse that with fit, your hips don't lie ;)

 * Choose a jeans with rugged looks.

* It's meant to be worn low on hips.


4) Boyfriend Shoes


* Also known as the Oxford shoes, these are a urban replacement alternative for all the girls who are not so much into heels.

* Wear them with boyfriend blazers and jeans or use them to give the most feminine of your dresses a tom boyish look.

* Casual, classy, office or preppy you can create a wide number of looks with these comfortable shoes.
You can pair them with jumpers, cardigans, jackets, trousers skirts, t-shirt, tunic etc.

*They are best worn bare ankled.

* Avoid pairing them with flare pants and jeans, leggings or baby doll dress.The best choice is a slim jeans with hem folded up and a cardigan or loose shirt.


5) Boyfriend Shirt


*Boyfriend Shirts look so cute and effortlessly trendy on girls.You can go for grunge or simple and create fabulous looks.

*Team them with fitting pants, skinny jeans ,shorts, mini dress, pencil skirt, leggings/jeggings or a high waist trouser.

* These shirts should be few sizes larger than your size , with a baggy look touching your bottom.

* Bring out the feminine elements in the ensemble by wearing long necklace piece, chunky bracelets, stilettos etc

*Avoid pairing them with flare jeans or even boyfriend jeans.

* When pairing with leggings/jeggings make sure the shirt covers your bottom, if not so stick with skinny jeans.

* Maintain the proportions. I fyou are going loose on the top, go streamlined on the bottom.


So that's all for the stuff you can steal from your boyfriend's wardrobe to spice up your wardrobe ;)
I know this post is like really word heavy, but it has all the tips and tricks you'd need to nail five different variety of looks.

Do tell me how like this post!!!
Loads of Love

Picture taken from google and the various shopping websites linked here and tips from fashionistas all around the world including me ;)


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