Beauty: Winter Skin Care Tips

Hello Cupcakes,
Winter's all set!! and so are the skin woes!! Your otherwise amazing skin can lose its moisture and become dry and dull. Don't worry, a little pampering could set all worries straight and your skin will be as amazing as ever.

The Cleanser: 
  • Try something creamier and gentler.
  • Usually it's a good idea to avoid drying soaps or oil-free cleansers.
  •  A foamy face wash can be a very good alternative.
  1.  Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  2. Pond's Pure white deep cleansing facial foam
  3. Modicare's Pearl white soap { yup that's what I personally use,it's moisturizing and smells heaven }

The Exfoliation:
  • Scrubbing once a week will help you remove the layer of dead cells that tends to accumulate over time.
  • Do not over-scrub, your skin won't like it. 
  • Try to use a creamy scrub to retain the moisture even while you are getting rid of the dead skin cells.
  1. Fab India almond body Scrub
  2. St.Ives Apricot Scrub { my personal, n favorite too. You need to use it to experience the goodness :) }
The Moisturization:

  • Pick ones loaded with Vitamin E to perk up your skin with all that it needs. 
  • Dry your skin well before applying the moisturizer, a wet skin would take away the hydrating aspects of the cream, which is crucial for dry skin.
  • Avoid clay based products, as they would dry your skin.
  • Recharge your skin during day as well as night.
  • A night skin cream will help repair the damage caused during the day.
  1. The Nature's Co. Vanilla Vitamin E face cream
  2. TBS Body Butter
  3. Lakme fruit Moisture Strawberry Night Creme
  4. Neutrogena oil free moisturizer
  5. Olay Complete all day Moisture Lotion

Hope you like the post.Happy Winters My Suga Pies!!! Do Not forget to participate in the Dove Damage Therapy Giveaway !!! 
Loads of Love


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