Biotique Bio Milk Protein Whitening & Rejuvenating Face Pack Review

Hola Lovelies!!! 

This is the review of the first ever Biotique product I've ever used!!Its a face pack for whitening and rejuvenating .Post my eye surgery I was clearly advised against using cosmetics for a month,which included sunscreens.So the "Tan" followed and when I saw this beauty on the racks during my recent shopping spree,I decided to indulge!!

Biotique Whitening Face Pack with Bio Milk Protein

What It Claims!!

Tub Pack. Travel Friendly But Definitely not User Friendly.
Try keeping a spatula at hand for ease of use and to avoid grossness!!

Honestly the claims are really eye catching and fascinating with mentions of 5000 year old Ayurvedic Recipes and Cleopatra's Legendary Bath.Oooohh!!
Other than that it claims to be a whitening and nourishing pack, blended with pure extracts of milk protein,wheat germ, almond oil, honey and seaweed. It claims to ease away wrinkles and lighten skin for a visibly fairer,smoother and rejuvenated complexion.

How To Use
I apply it all over my face and enjoy my favorite episodes of Supernatural :P 20 minutes and done. 
Rinse away to glory.

Creamy and white just like Makhan Malai :P

Rs 199/- for 60 gm

My Experience

Texture:  The texture is thick, but applies easily. Its almost like applying malai all over your face. 
Fragrance: Mild, doesn't linger for long.

Pros : * Gives a visible glow to the face.
* Doesn't dry the skin unlike the Multani Mitti packs I've used.
* Hydrating
* A little amount is more than enough to cover the whole face and neck, so will definitely last long.
* Dermatologist Tested and No animal Testing (Like)
* Easily Available. I got mine through the NewU Store.
* I love it as a means to pamper my skin ^_^

Enough to last atleast two months when used once a week.

Cons: * It is a milk protein pack, so oily skin beauties like me better not overdo it.You might not realize it then, but the excess oil will spoil your life :P
* I realized that the glow was kinda temporary.

Ok so for the first whitening pack that I've ever used,this is not so bad. Though I'd love to experiment with other brands too, once I finish this :) So that's what I feel about this product. Hope you like the review.

Have you used this product before?? Let me know, What you think about it!!! :)

Loads of Love


  1. I also love biotique products ! this ones great too !
    thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  2. Thank you so much for stiopping in my blog!

    I have a new look! check in my blog!


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  4. i used it twice but i feel my skin becomes darker than before it is.but everybody is saying that it will helps to remove tan.

  5. is it good to continue this product?pls anyone help me

    1. do you have a very oily skin? may be that is why it's not working for you...try washing your face with a oil free face wash and apply the pack and after you wash it out,follow with an astringent.