Beauty:6 Tips for Pink Lips

Good morning Honey Pies
Hope the day is treating you all well!! Today I'm gonna blog hot pink kissable lips!! I mean how to get them!! 
But before that a little fun!!I'd like to do a lil rewind of my childhood
It is so cool to go through childhood pics,I used to look so yummy cute and awesumeo !!*vanity* :P
I wish I had me when I was young!!! hehehehe
check them out :D

Sitting like a Boss!! :D

Yay!!I love this pink Dress!!It is so adorable!!

Oh yeah!!I'm the girl!!Pics from my 1st Bday ^_^

That's my brother and me!! Dressed up for some Fancy Dress Competition!!I look so stoned!! hahaha
Actually we both do!! :D

hehehhe...I love my childhood photos !!!
They are so cute and thanks to my lovely ma pa,I have loads of them
Anyways lets get to today's story!!

 You can get dark lips because of :
1) Smoking
2) Drinking Coffee/tea
3) Tanning (yeah the lips tan just like the skin does!!)
4) You are born with dark lips ( its your natural color,depends on how much melanin is present in your body and the whole body structure science)
5) Dead Skin Build-up
6) Bad Cosmetics

 How to get rid of this mess!! And it is also often seen that the upper lip tends to become more dark than the lower lip??


Well all the reasons that I mentioned were not applicable for me are perhaps the most direct to deal with and solve!! The ones that apply for me and I'm sure for many more are the ones most difficult to deal with!!

So here are just some of the tips I'm following these days and I think they are kinda cool and easy too.Try it to get great results.

--->  Some turmeric mixed with cold milk.This one is so applicable for great skin too so sure does work on tanned lips as well.

---> Applying honey/ghee on to your lips. Though I do tend to eat them up!!hehehehe

---> Removing dead skin buildup with the help of your fav scrub and a soft bristle brush.This one makes my lips so yummy soft!!I love the effect.

---> Rubbing with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.I guess this one acts like a scrub + bleach.But beware as lemon juice has acid,so careful with its application,not much!!

---> Lipstick Alert!! Invest in a high quality lippie with great moisturization and good amount of spf to avoid darkening of lips.Also avoid dark shades.

---> Craving for the Angelina Jolie Inspired Pout!! Without the surgeries or the expensive enhancers!! Get some cinnamon oil, dab them just a little on your lips.

---> Finally if you think you need a quickie, try pinching your lips with the pads of your fingers.This will rush the blood to your lips and the effect would last like for 10 minutes or so. Aaah well everyone needs a quickie sometimes,right?? 

Ok so that's all for now!!I hope this post helps all of ya'all :D Do let me know what you do to get great pinky amazing looking lips.It could help me a lot!!!

Loads of Love


  1. Nice topic here, I have dark lips too I using honey at night just rub around lips surface leave it till morning, and when you wake wash your face and then rub your lips surface with lemon, in a few minutes just rinse with water.
    BTW 1 more thing avoid the long lasting (ex.24 hours) lipstick because that could make the lips getting darker after long time use.
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    1. Wow..Thanks for sharing the link, loved your post :)