Gossip Gupshup: Kirsten Cheats on Robert Pattinson

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Ok so this is a new section I've decided to start!!All the juicy gossip right at your feet. Not that I'm a girl who loves to gossip, but I have this silly khabru *which means informer* who keeps poking me with such incredulous news that I can't help but share it!!!

Kirsten Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson : So did the lion fell in love with the wrong lamb???

One of the most hottest and loved onscreen and  off-screen couple:
Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart

The Twilight Fame Star who stole the hearts of a million girls gets a back stab from her own girl!! Reportedly Kirsten was seen romancing with Rupert Sanders. She worked with director Rupert Sanders on the sets of Snow White and the Huntsman. *P.S: Fabulous Movie*

On the sets of "Snow White and the Huntsman"

 Pictures of the illicit pair getting up, close and personal are now all over the Internet! My khabru is full of anger for Kirsten for cheating on her favorite star, but guess who is more angry on her?? Rupert's Wife!!! Well let me correct it, Rupert's Family!!! Well he happens to be a married man and a father of two!!! Oh dear Kirsten, what were you thinking???

Pictures released by Us weekly 

Rupert and her wife Liberty Ross have been together since she was 18!!They got together when she graduated!! And she got this!! So much for the undying vows of love and marriage!!!
Rupert with wife Liberty and the star cast at the opening night "Snow White and the Huntsman"

And what are the after effects to this steamy little affair??
No one knows!! Just as everybody, Robert and Liberty are in a stage of utter shock and are not able to decide what to do!! Robert reportedly has moved out of their shared home and is very furious over the whole incident!!

Will the hottest and most loved couple be ale to work it out through this difficult phase??
The actress has issued a public apology, but will Robert accept it and forgive her???
We'll have to wait and watch!!!

I'm making some herbal tea for my khabru to relieve her of the tension.
Catch ya later :)

Question of the day

What do you think??

Should Robert accept Kirsten's apology after her infidelity act??

Yes, they look amazing together.It would be really hurtful to see them drift away. They should try to work it out.

No. Star or no Star, Infidelity sucks in any relation. He is handsome and young.He'll get a better person who knows what she got with him.

Let me know in the comments.
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  1. shesshh ! i anyways never really liked kristen and i thnk robert is bttr of widout her --__--
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  2. I don't like K Stew so much, but I like your blog!

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