Blog Update: Zyoptix Surgery

Hey lovelies!!!
It's been so long!! How y'all doing honeyplums!!

Ok so I've successfully undergone my Zyoptix Eye Procedure. It is amazing!!I don't need glasses anymore!!!Not that it's gonna change my geekiness ever, yet it feels great not having to rely on my glasses. My world is crystal clear!!

I recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers from myopia. It is safe and great. *Thumbs Up*
Though I'm still healing, but my doctor says that I'll be just fine and since I visited him yesterday and got his permission so that I can blog again!!
Of course I won't do much.  But it feels great to be back!!

Loads of Love to all my lovely readers.If you wish to know more about the Zyoptix Procedure,do let me know.
 I'll be happy to tell you all about it. 

Loads of Love


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