Gossip Gupshup: Kirsten Cheats on Robert Pattinson

Hey Sugarpies!!

Ok so this is a new section I've decided to start!!All the juicy gossip right at your feet. Not that I'm a girl who loves to gossip, but I have this silly khabru *which means informer* who keeps poking me with such incredulous news that I can't help but share it!!!

Kirsten Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson : So did the lion fell in love with the wrong lamb???

One of the most hottest and loved onscreen and  off-screen couple:
Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart

Blog Update: Zyoptix Surgery

Hey lovelies!!!
It's been so long!! How y'all doing honeyplums!!

Ok so I've successfully undergone my Zyoptix Eye Procedure. It is amazing!!I don't need glasses anymore!!!Not that it's gonna change my geekiness ever, yet it feels great not having to rely on my glasses. My world is crystal clear!!

Photo Booth: Sunshine Girl

Hey Munchkins!!!  

I'm doing a look after so many days.Here it is!! It was such a sunny day and I just finished watching "My Sassy Girl". Yeah that movie is so epic!! It makes me laugh out loudly and cry all at the same time. Its soundtrack is also amazing!!

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.I guess you'd sayWhat can make me feel this way?My girl (my girl, my girl)Talkin' 'bout my girl (my girl) "

Epic Song!!!

Jabong.com: Online Shopping Experience *

Hey Ma Lovely CuppyCakes!!

Today I'm gonna review an amazing online shopping store based in India. "Jabong.com
Online shopping is turning out to be such a great convenience. I love the idea of not having to drive out to the mall or shops and search for the perfect something,when I can get it at my place delivered. Its a great place to find stuff that are not available in shops. You get crazy discounts. And top it with an assurance of having the stuff delivered safe,intact and on time is like sone pe suhaga (*which means icing on the cake*)

Anyways so here is my experience for my first online shopping with Jabong.com

New Blog Update

Hey My Sugar Plumps

How ya all doing! Thanks for all the sweet comments for my well being! So Sweet!! I felt so good.

I had a little laser operation for my eyes!
Since I have myopia,in a recent visit to my Ophthalmologist. It was discovered that there were little holes or lattices on my retina and they had to be treated immediately. 
But everything is great now!!

I've been taking great care and loads of rest and my eyes just feel normal.
Though there is one more eye procedure that I'm supposed to undergo, but that will take some time. 
So till then, I'm back to blogging.
I have so much to share!! Yay!! So many posts to be up soon!! Yippee, being back again feels great!!!

Love ya all


Blog Update

Hey Lovelies!!!!
Bonjour...Hope everyone is having a great day :)
This is a quickie update.  Today I'm gonna have a medical eye procedure,actually two. Details later promise :D

So I'm gonna be MIA for a little while,maybe like 2-3 weeks because I won't be allowed to operate computer or strain my eyes etc : (

 But after I'm all cured I'll be back with a bang!! :D And there will also be a lil surprise for all my lovely followers :) I hope everything goes well :)

I'm gonna miss my blog and all of you so much : ( I'll be back soon :* muaaah... :)
Take Loads of Care :) :)
Keep Smiling

Beauty:6 Tips for Pink Lips

Good morning Honey Pies
Hope the day is treating you all well!! Today I'm gonna blog hot pink kissable lips!! I mean how to get them!! 
But before that a little fun!!I'd like to do a lil rewind of my childhood
It is so cool to go through childhood pics,I used to look so yummy cute and awesumeo !!*vanity* :P
I wish I had me when I was young!!! hehehehe
check them out :D

Sitting like a Boss!! :D

Inspiration: Stuff I love

GoodMorning Honey Buns
How is the new morning treating you?? I woke up so amazing,I had this B'ful dream and I woke up with a b'ful smile on my face!!Eeeppppp!!I love sweet dreams!!!

I decided to record some songs today, something I've been wanting to do from a long time. I hope my good voice stays by my side...hehehe...But my computer ports won't work and I can't figure out why but all my USB ports are jammed!1They won't react!!

So I'll be doing the audio part today and the video part someday else!! ^_^
Well that brings us to today's post!!I was just scouring my computer, trying to delete some mess!!And I found this adorable folder "Summer Time Love". I love all the images Check them out!!N tell me if you love them too!! 

I love this look,with the awesome orange leather bag.Just the right things,so chic!!