Theosophical Approach to Dealing with Pesky People

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Ok so the smiley might suggest otherwise, but my week has been really hard on me. Everything is going great except that I'm being bullied by some guys :( I can't really express the kind of feel it is,you feel really powerless, even when you are fighting all inside.

All I could dream was to have the powers of hulk and show those pesky boys who the boss was : \
Phew!!It's a real strange feeling.It's like you are strong enough to take on the biggest of problems in your life, but you can't deal with some pesky people and their sick comments and looks. You really can't get in any kind of fight because it would only worsen the situation.

It also gives way to a very sad thought that there is a difference between girls and boys :( They do get a lot of freedom and there is just a very sick feeling in some of them that they can do whatever they want to!! I really wish they had better parents, or at least some humanity.I'm sure many of the girls might have faced the same situation, even worse, I know :(

Anyways, the best way out of this is to meditate!! I know it sounds strange, but really when you meditate, you empower your inner self. The key is to not let them intimidate you from your self. Take a deep breath and empower your chakras by meditating.Visualize a person who is filled with goodwill, either in your surrounding or from your memory and remembering them visualize a light flowing from their body to yours. Surround yourself with the positive light, positive light is always white in color. Then with all your mental strength, use this positive energy to send a message to the universe directed to the person who is troubling you "Stay away from Me". Repeat this line three times in your head and feel the power emanating from your body.

Well you might wonder if there is any concept to this procedure, there is actually one!! Human body is composed of a physical body and an etheric body. But by default the etheric world is continuous, without break, so all the etheric bodies are on the same page.i.e. all the etheric bodies are connected to each other through a bond. We are using this very bond in trying to imbibe a message to the etheric body of the said person.

All the vibrations caused in the etheric body affect the physical body and physical mind, thus affecting the mind of the person, who you direct the waves to.Now there are three things you need to keep in mind:
*You should never send negativity or any feeling into the universe that could be harmful to anyone. Unless you generate and sustain a positive, non harming feeling in your heart, things won't work out.And even if they do, they might harm you more instead.Remember "What goes around, comes back around"
*Try talking in positive words, the universe never responds to negatives like Don't, No etc
* Practice this in a clear mind, you should have clarity in thoughts, use deep breathing and meditation to help ease out your mind.

Final word: This is a final attempt at trying to improve situation in cases like the one mentioned above. I don't take guarantee that it would work for everyone, so try at your own risk. :)
Hope you never have to deal with such a situation ever :)
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