Product Review: Signature Seduction Lipstick 40023

Hello Munchkins
Today I have for you a review of Signature Seduction Lipstick from Anna Andre, Paris in the shade number 40023

When we bought this lipstick I'd never heard of this product or company, so I researched about it on the net and found their official website .


Rs 295/-

1.It has such a nice packaging.
2.It's black and sleek, definitely travel -friendly.
3.Very sturdy packaging, won't mess up your bag!!

Product Claims:
 It is an ultra luxurious creamy lip color that delivers beautiful lightweight color.Long Lasting and Moisturizing this lipstick is sure to add a touch of seduction to any pout.Its unique formula ensures no caking and dryness all day long.

Product Contents


Without Flash 

With Flash

My Take:

This lippie is so moisturizing!!! It's almost like a gloss except the heaviness of a gloss. It stands by all its claims and is definitely worth a shot. It is lead -free, so it won't darken your lips!! Yayy for that!! So anyone who wants a lightweight lippie for a start at a decent price tag could definitely consider this as their option.


*It has a funny smell and taste to it. Maybe its in my head, but it was a turn-off for me

*Availability maybe an issue.

Final Verdict:
With its superr amazing moisturizing power and light weighted-ness, I can only imagine how amazing it would look in other shades other than the brick red one we bought!!So I'm definitely gonna try this again, in a better shade, maybe lighter, a pink or an orange...weeeeeee...A coral in this shade would totally rock!!!!

Anyways that's all for now!!!
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