Fashion Post: Farewell Memoirs#1

Hey Lovelies!!!! Ohh It's been so long since I wrote a post :P Hope you all checked out my lil story-incident-post  Kyra N Me  . I'm trying hard to improve my writing skills.It's just so hard :D :P Anyways, I promised to make my blog real fashion heavy after my exams,so here is a sneak peek to an amazing photoshoot. :)

Whole Look Designed by: DesignerHailly Verma
Photography By: Sudeep Singh

Do tell me how you liked the look. :) A very special thanks to my lovely sweetheart Aakriti who gave me her pics for the blog.The next post will be on my saaree and style :) So Don't miss the next post :D Many more lovely Indian saaree and styles to come :)

Take Care
Keep Smiling


  1. loved the entire look, Ruhie...just a lil suggestion...a longer pallu looks really classy!!!

  2. you looking dam pretty! loved second pic the most

  3. looking prettyyyy :)
    love ur blog..following u.
    follow bk if u love mine too :p

  4. Thnx Swati n Manya :P
    Its not me, its my frn Aakriti :) She is really very pretty..I love her..She modelled for Hailly and these are the pics from that photoshoot :) Glad you guys liked it..

    @Swati :P hehehhe u noticed..we were hoping noone would,it was a minor glitch, since we all are such beginners at draping sari :D :P lol

  5. Such pretty pictures ^_^ Beautiful! :)
    You 've got a lovely blog here, following you :)
    Namita <3

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  7. hey dear...nice pictures...what sari is dis? i loved it and loved the pics :)

  8. Hey Namita , thnx so much :)

  9. Hey Bidi ^^ Thanx so much...This sari was completely designed by Hailly, our designer frn. Thats my frn Aakriti in the pictures and she got the whole look designed by Hailly for our college farewell.These pictures are from the photoshoot for Hailly's catalogue :)

  10. haha Ruhie :) I know how to difficult it is to drape a sari at a amateur mom drapes it on me :D