Fashion Post: Farewell Memoirs

Hey Lovelies!! :)
So this is a part 3 of the Farewell Memoir Sequence.The fashion was so high, I could feature it all through the month :D So today I'm gonna put pictures of my lovely friend Ridhima and her style quotient for the farewell evening.Hope they inspire you.

Heart Speaks

Le Me: It's disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le Mind: I couldn't agree more...
Le Heart: I'm just numb.
Le Me: how can people be so disgusting and yet be alive?? It kills me to know that God takes away the good people away, but the shitty ones are never going...lurking around the corner....
 It's boiling in my blood, the hatred...
Le Heart: Calm down
Le Me: hatred hatred hatred!!!!!

Le Heart: phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............................................
Now that was a long breath to let me work better so that I can control you. You know there is something bigger than your life, and that is waiting right outside your door.But the hatred you create in yourself only kills you.Every hater is a person worth pity, look just a bit inside, they are just very unsure of themselves and that has been the case for a very long time.This has made them very bitter. :P

Smile sweetheart, show them the warmth of your heart and believe me there is no heart in this world that won't melt ;) :) Remember all the super cool people in your life who you look upto. Do you think you would be happy if they reacted in an uncool way :P Just think how they manage things, better or worse.Every situation they handle things with a silly smile.People might think they are silly initially, but even you know the truth that eventually everyone just falls for their charm.The reason is that no one can escape the charms of a silly smile :D so Smile silly :P Be goofy. Everyone commits mistakes and its ok if you are unhappy with some of them still.But that doesn't mean that you can't smile silly :D You only have to answer to yourself. Hold your head high and reach the top. ;)

Don't you know things are sent to try you, let the world see what you have got !!1 ;) You can heal me only by smiling and the real smile only comes when you make someone else smile at your expense.The more you spread the smile, the more you will heal me of all my pain.And when all my pain goes away, I'll show you what true ecstasy means !!! :)  Don't believe in all that you have been told, you can give a smile everyday. :)

I hope you are not sleeping on me!!! :O :P

Le Me: Nah!!I'm already ecstatic. You should speak more!! :)

Le Heart: You should hear me more often. :)

Loads of Love
A Relieved Ruhie
Keep Smiling people

Music Mania

Hey Lovelies!!!

Music is such a relief. :) Whenever I feel too overwhelmed be it with any kind of emotion, music helps so much.It is like a friend who stays company be it happiness, loneliness, super joy, confusion, anger :P absolutely anything!!!!
This post is all about music, my favorite ones classified according to my moods :P Yeahh, there is a song for every mood :P Love Music :) Hope you like my playlist ;)

Photo Booth: Farewell Memoirs

Hey Lovelies!! ^_^
 Ohh I'm loving doing this post :P It's such an awesome day today, feeling very sunny and happy :D

Secret faces Unveiled ;)

Trailer to a Bigger Picture ;)

Hey Lovelies!!!!  :) Before I start with the post,I must tell you I was so uninspired before writing this post, but after reading amazingly lovely comments on my previous posts,I was totally revved up!!!!! Ohhh Yeaaahh!!!! Bring it on baby!!!! :D

N Yeaahhhhh I even won a blogger award!!!!! Yipppeeeee!! The Versatile Blogger Award :) This award and lovely comments from my followers and I'm all charged up to do another post :D This is kind of a prequel to all that is gonna come :)

1) The Versatile Blogger Award. Click to know more about the amazing blogger who honored me with this award :) You really can't miss this one!!!

2) Well this post was decided long back!!! ;) It deals with all the turmoils and tribulations a girl faces when preparing to get ready for her graduation farewell party ;) :D

The faces and the secret will be revealed soon ;)

3) What am I listening to!!!! There is something going on in my head, well actually there is a lot but arrrghhh I'm so bad at expressing my self!! :( Have you ever missed anyone too badly but not been able to tell them about it cause you feared they would think that you are weird :D :P or maybe misinterpret you in some other way :\ To calm all these feelings I listen to some amazing stuff,the details will  follow :)

Stay tuned for some amazing action!!!! (*so cheesy*) I know :P  But seriously you will love it :P :D I know I had lots of fun making these posts :)

Loads Of Love
Keep Smiling

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

Hey Lovelies !!!It is so amazing to know that your work is appreciated by a person whose work you appreciate so much :)
Thanxxx a ton Phoenix, it means a lot to me!!! :)

So we know the rules :)

1) Create a new post
2) Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award 
3) Pass it on to your fellow bloggers
4) State 7 random facts about you
5) Claim and post the award pic
Well lovely Phoenix ;) hehehe Thanx a lot.... God Bless You :)
 Now for the 3rd rule, I have so many bloggers I just totally adore!!! :) But here is a list of  bloggers who I would like to confer this award to :)  (*In no special order*)
 For the 4th Rule ( My Blabber Starts :D :P )

1) I love experimenting with my looks, trying new stuff, inspired looks etc etc :P I'm a total freak :D

2) I love cinematography, I would love to direct movies and create great stuff, be it videos or movies or serials, I don't know :P But my brain works in that direction so much.. :P that is in the field of direction ;)

3) I love anime!!! I can't tell you I'm sucha huge fan!!! Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bokura ga Ita, my whole room is adorned with anime wallpapers :P I wanna visit Japan so much...

4) I wear glasses with power :P and though I have lens I never really wear them except for special occasions .But the quirky thing with my glasses is that I always forget where I removed them and roam about the whole house knocking things over :D and then my mom finds them for me :P *I often suspect if there is pixie involved, but I leave the thought at that * :D :P

5) I'm kinda self conscious and weak at times :\ but fortunately I can be very strong from the inside out when the time comes :)) Proud of myself for that reason :) Totally love adventures, waiting for the BIGGGG  adventure in my life :)

6) I love poetry,it could be any intense feeling that triggers it, but I love best to express myself through poetry :)

7) I love outdoors and nature :) They heal and make me feel good whenever I'm down :) The breeze, the birds, the sun, the moon and he's a b'ful world  ;) :)

Yay ;) I'm a Versatile Blogger (*winks*)  hehhehehe :P

Loads Of Love

Fashion Post: Farewell Memoirs#1

Hey Lovelies!!!! Ohh It's been so long since I wrote a post :P Hope you all checked out my lil story-incident-post  Kyra N Me  . I'm trying hard to improve my writing skills.It's just so hard :D :P Anyways, I promised to make my blog real fashion heavy after my exams,so here is a sneak peek to an amazing photoshoot. :)

Whole Look Designed by: DesignerHailly Verma
Photography By: Sudeep Singh

Do tell me how you liked the look. :) A very special thanks to my lovely sweetheart Aakriti who gave me her pics for the blog.The next post will be on my saaree and style :) So Don't miss the next post :D Many more lovely Indian saaree and styles to come :)

Take Care
Keep Smiling

Kyra and Me

Ky: “What do you wish for right now?”

The question resonated in my head back and forth. The answer was something special, yet oblivious. I tried hard to concentrate, her words echoed through my brain.

Ky: “Tell me what you really want, not what you think you might want. Open up your heart.”

I heard a click and there it was.

Me: “I want the morning breeze. I wish to fill my ear with the sweet melody of birds chirping. I wish to feel water beneath my feet, the sweet, cold embrace. I want the wind to ruin my hair for me today. I wish to let go of all barriers and enjoy to my heart’s content. But most of all I want the sun to light up my heart. I did all this back when I was a little girl, but looking back it almost feels like a fairy tale.”

Ky: “Well, then it is a fairy tale and I’m your fairy Godmother.”

Me: :P “I don’t know.”

Ky: “Hehehehe…Oh C’mon ..What are you afraid of?”

Me: “Maybe the Sun.” :D

Ky: “Don’t worry about that as we have our Sun Expert at hand. B) Just prepare the itinerary my friend and enjoy.” :)

Well that was the conversation between me and Kyra, lying on a cool bed on a starry night she brought back all my childhood memories, my dreams and my hearts wishes. But the best was the reassurance that I’ll be safe. :)

That brings us to Kyra, well for the start she is a girl bitten by wanderlust. I’ve never seen someone as enthused about traveling and having fun as her. She is an amazing friend, but most of all she is my soul mate who brings out the best in me every time.  And all that when we are still strangers at many levels, I guess that’s the true meaning of a soul mate.

Next morning came in quite unexpected. I found myself quite enthused and full of energy.
We woke up at 5:00 in the morning. As I drove her to the nearest swimming pool, I could see the surprise right in her eyes.

Ky: “Swimming?? So early??”

Me: “Well there is a magic I need to show you my Fairy Godmother. “ ;) 

Ky: “Ohh So the mere mortal is up with a magic trick “ :D

Me: “Yup and I hope that you will like it.” ;)

Ky: “Well I’m sure I’ll like it but I guess it’s time to call our Sun Expert for the day.Welcome Lakme Sun Expert Range. You’re Safe.   Nothing better than a sunscreen before swimming “ :) ;)

 We dressed up in our swimming gears, sunscreen and goggles on like a pro at the deep end of the pool side.

Ky: "Hey M, the water is calling us :P It looks so cool .I wanna jump." :D

Me: "Just a few more minutes my dear friend."  :D

I was waiting for something. And somehow even after years of staying away my heart knew exactly when it was the right time.

Me: “Yes, at the count of 10 I want you to dive in with me. Hold your breath because we will stay underwater for a while, you ready?? ”

Ky: “You bet.” ;)

Me: “10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 Let’s Go.”

Theeessshhhhhhh…we dived right into the crystal blue water. At first nothing was clear but then as the bubbles subsided and we went deeper, vision got clearer.
I gestured her to hold my hand. In a matter of seconds we reached the floor surface. I signaled her to hold on to the stair bar and look up.

And then it started. Like a child’s box of blue mixed with a bright yellow. Like gold piercing in through one fine line at a time. The first sun rays lit up the pool floor. I gestured Kyra towards my hands which turned golden as I tried to touch the rays falling onto the lap of the cool water.

I held her hand tightly and we waded towards the surface.

Ky: “That was beautiful!!!”

Me: “The time for magic has begun Kyra”  :)

We took a long breath and went in again. As we swam across the pool,bubbles all around us turned golden blue. Rushing back to the surface for air.                     
Ky: "Wow! It’s so beautiful. It’s like the water turned into gold.” :)

Me: “Yup that’s the magic of the Sun.”


~ Ruhie

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