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Wonderin what's the X talk. :D Today I'm gonna post about the most favorite person for everyone : Ex. Yeah :P Now I have a friend who just had a breakup and we were discussing " The Side Effects Of Love" when it popped out from our conversation, excellent as it was.So I decided to do a post about it, to spread more information about this very amazing person of everyone's life :D

Types Of Exes

1) The Sad Ex: Hmm so this is the ex, who is very sad about the whole breakup thing. (sob sob) Yeah you can take clues from DevD :P There is no easy answer with them. Because anything you say that involves not coming back together would be futile.This is the worst actually.You can't make them feel good as long as you are breaking up and your conscience gets all the brunt.But they are also mostly the silent sulky ones and its usually their friends who come to know about it. :P

2) The Stalker Ex : Phone calls, dropping by near your classes/work, keeping a view of everything that you do, following your every movement even when you are not together anymore.Yeah that's the stalker ex for you. They might behave like it's done but without your knowledge they have all the info about you.Sorry to say but they are obsessively in love with you.

3) The Apologetic Ex: Now there is an apologetic ex. The one who regrets that it happened because of them and can't wait to get back.They try to prove themselves all over again. Sending chocolates and flowers regularly, liking your posts and pictures etc etc. They might be clueless on why the breakup happened and might be doing the same stuff that separated you but oblivious to all they try to win you back.

4) The Unapologetic Ex: Yeah you got me.Pretty much the opposite of the one we encountered above. They accept that they don't love you anymore, telling you that it is pretty much your fault that the breakup happened, yet they think they control your life.It is kind of a situation where they want you to talk to them when you don't, but when you do they dump the tissue on you.Pretty much bipolar.

5) The Bitter Ex: These are the ones you should be afraid of :P Maybe they are really hurt or its just their way of self defense but they are pretty bitter on you.And that means that they won't leave a reason / opportunity to hurt you , disgrace you, talk/do shitty things to you. And you are left with no option but explain people the real reason why they are suddenly hearing strange stories about you.

6)The Ex who moved on too quickly: It's the definition of frustration. Usually it takes a combination of meeting someone new and being unhappy with the person you already with. It could also be a case where they are not able to live alone and so the constant hopping.But they are pretty much on a different ship even before you have set the anchor on the yard.

7) The Impractical Ex: So these are the people who are totally impractical when it comes to ending the deal.They believe that breakup is just a word in the dictionary and forget the nuances that involve around the changed dynamics of the relationship.

8)The Practical Ex: These people they are intelligent at least practical to the way life moves. They understand the situation and deal with it accordingly.They do understand that sometimes things aren't meant to be.They understand you and themselves. They act in a way that is beneficial to both parties. They don't burn the bridge, yet you are not in their books when its over.Thankfully they give you the space.

Hope you enjoyed the post :D
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