Summer Love: The Sunscreen Talk

Hey Lovelies,
Summer's here!!!!!!!!! You can't see but I'm hopping.
Summer means so many amazing things to me. Morning swimming classes, roller skating in the fresh summery morning, eating loads of ice creams, summer clothes, loads of water, rasna ;) I'm super excited!! Yes of course not all of my friends share the same spirit mostly because they are too skin conscious, not that I'm not :P But its mostly secondary to me esp when it comes to choosing between having fun and being skin conscious.

But that doesn't change the fact that the harsh sunny rays can cause loads of damage to your skin which not only includes tanning but also premature ageing, dark spots and skin cancer, so a little precaution and you will thank yourself even when you are older. :) Now there is just one most important thing that you need to keep in mind

                 " Sunscreens are your best friends in summer"

  Oh yeah you have heard it time and again.So here is a list of usual FAQ's that my skin specialist de-mystified for me during one of my recent visits.

What amount of SPF should I be using?
Usually SPF 15 does the deal for our skin (referring to Indian skin). Important is that you need to apply it right, because if you don't do that then the same SPF might end up acting as a lower value.You could also go with sunscreen with SPF 30, if you are dealing with sensitive skin.For the quantity there is a simple thumb rule very popular even to take two tablespoons for your whole body and one for your facial area. Just a vague idea about the actual quantity of sunscreen you should be applying.

Which brand/ product should we prefer or works best?
You could go for products having Mexoryl Helioplex( P.S: I think I saw that in Neutrogena products), stabilized avobenzone or Zinc Oxide.

Any Special Points to Remember?

* Try using oil free formulas with SPF 15.

* Try to stay indoors when the sun is most harsh i.e. between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.That will be good for your skin  and your health.

* Drink loads of water, keep yourself hydrated always.

* Use protection like hat, umbrella, to protect yourself when out in sun.

* Wear a separate sunscreen under your makeup.

*Apply it on dry skin.The reason it's usually mentioned even in the bottles to apply the sunscreen 10 mins before going out is that it needs to form a protective layer over your skin and moreover if you are already out and sweating it will just run out.You need it to stick to your skin.

*Reapply every 2 hours and the first time you are applying sunscreen before leaving your place, make sure that you apply it all over your body.UV rays penetrate through clothing so don't forget to protect little places you usually tend to forget.

So that was the session.Hope it was helpful to everyone reading it.Don't forget to have an amazing time this summer.

Do leave your comments on how you found the article :)
Loads of Love

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