Photo Booth: Life & Times of My Grey Lenses

Hey Everyone :)
I'm doing an FOTD for today.These are pics from my brother's marriage :D I tried wearing grey lens to make over looks and man!! Did they change my looks completely. Wearing colored lenses can change your looks by a huge measure. I'll soon be doing a post on colored lenses and their types and uses, some amazing brands you can go to etc etc...So stay tuned and for now Enjoy the FOTD :) Do tell me how you like them.I'd love to hear from you :)

The Casual Look 
These pictures are from the day when the marriage registration was to take place. It took place a day before the marriage ceremony.These pictures are from the time when I was idly waiting for the legalities to get over :P 

This is what I wore that day.A simple yellow suit.It has the most amazing yellow and was most fortunately stitched in a very elegant manner ( All thanks to one of my aunt :P Sorry peeps But I need to confess I'm almost always clueless when it comes to designing suits :P )

 Yay!!! These are my lenses.

Lens Info:
Color: Natural Grey
Brand: Bausch and Lomb
Diameter: 12mm
Nature: Powered, Monthly Disposable
Staying Power: 6-8 hours
Cost: Rs 1200/-

My Experience: These lenses were amazing and I totally loved the color. In natural light they gave off an amazing look without looking anywhere near superficial. But they did stand out when exposed to night light.Under the heavy lighting on the day of the reception, they sometimes gave the impression of the eyes of a cat . :D Cat Eyes anyone ?? :P But they look pretty nonetheless :) Yay for colored lens!!! :D

The Wedding Look

My Look for The Wedding. I straightened my hair and the makeup was very simple and sweet :) ( Yes I'm sitting next to my sister in law :P She is supaa pretty!!!! I hope to convince her to do a FOTD for my blog someday ;) hehehe

The Reception Look

 I wore a pretty brown sequined lehenga for the reception. Considering the heavy lehenga and the lens effect, makeup was kept minimally beautiful :) Sometimes less is best girls ;) My hair they have a special story too :P I straightened them, but when it rained ( Yes it did, a lot!! :P ) they went back to being curly, their natural self. And I was more then happy :D My hair maintained the straightness for the entire waist length and were only curly from the top as you can see in the pictures :P Stupendofantabulouslyfantastic Hair Day anyone ?? :P hehe

So that was my overall look for My Brother's Wedding
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the lens review.
Loads of Love


  1. You look beautiful! I am still scared of lenses for the fear of poking myself in the eye:P

  2. Thnx Emm :) n don't be scared hun...It might be bit troublesome at first but eventually you always become a pro :D

  3. you got natural beauty and that sexy lens adds more awesomeness in your beauty.... :)

  4. @Sukanya...Thnx hun
    Glad u liked the pics :)

  5. Never tried wearing contact lenses before. Thay actually look nice on you. And by the way, love the lay out of your blog. I'm struggling to fix mine... Hehehe

  6. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

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  8. @donah Thnx dear :) M so glad you liked my blog :)
    Keep in touch ^_^

  9. @nik That is so sweet of u..Loads of love hun :)Thank u so much...It means so much...
    Keep in touch :)

  10. Natural grey looks gorgeous on you! You're stunning girl :)

    View From Heels

  11. beautiful! :)

  12. The grey looks gorgeous ... I have blond hair so I used to have fun wearing super blue! I just discovered your great blog & have signed up as your latest follower. I have a blog on fashion, beauty & interiors - it would be great if we could follow each other!

  13. Beautiful! Your eyes are gorgeous! Sure we can follow each other. I'm following you now, come back and follow me!

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  17. OMG-you are looking gorgeous in every pic!!! Kudos girl!!!

  18. They look awesome.I wanna get lenses but I'm so scared lol! I have sensitive eyes! Thanks for returning the love on my blog :)