Alberto VO5 Vanilla Tea Clarifying Conditioner Review: My Experience

Hey Everyone!!
Before raving on the wonderful review for Alberto VO5 conditioner.Let's see some very important reasons why you should start practicing Co-Washing at the first place.

Why Co-Washing!!!??

1. The Amazing fragrance ( Ok this might come to you alot esp if you have read the First Part of my review , but seriously, it's true :) )

2. You get soft, moisturized and clean hair, without stripping your hair off dry.

3. As you progressively continue with co- washing you will notice that your hair gets less tangled than usual.A huge advantage for all the girls with beautiful but tangly hair like mine.

4. You can wash your hair as many times a week, without having the fear of drying or damaging them.

5. It keeps the scalp clean.

Some Special Tips On Co - washing

Ok so all of you who are trying co washing for the first time.Read on to find some tips you need to know definitely to make the most of your co- washing experience.

1. Take the conditioner in a container, so that you don't end up applying more than your hair can digest. The reason being that when you first wash with a conditioner, you will forget the fact that you are using the amazing conditioners without any SLS OR SLES ( which are actually the ingredients that produce the bubbles or lather) so you will end up using a lot of the product.

2. I personally prefer to not apply a lot of conditioner on my scalp, concentrate on your hair ends, because If you have hair like mine, I believe that is where we need the most moisturizaton.

3. Don't rub your hair after washing, simply squeeze off the extra water. Rubbing your hair dry won't do your hair good. It is one of the best methods to avoid more tangles, squeeze it out!!

4. Once your hair is semi dry, take up to de-tangling your hair. That is the best time. Avoid using a hair brush. Instead use your fingers to separate out the clumped up hair strands or you can also make use of a Tangle Teezer. It is available easily online and is reviewed to be the best de-tangling brush.

5.Once you are over de-tangling your hair.You might see a lot of fly aways. Don't panic :P Just use a serum (P.S.: I'm soon going to do a review of five best serums for hair, and believe me you will love the list, so don't forget to read that post, stay tuned :) )

6. You can use a range of sulfate free conditioners for co-washing like other variants in VO5 conditioner series,  Suave Conditioners, WhiteRain Conditioners, Herbal Essences conditioners etc. :) In India these conditioners are available through US Dollar shops. For Other Info : Click Here

So that was my Experience and Review for Alberto VO5 conditioner. Hope you like the  post and the video.It's my first effort blabbering in front of the camera,I usually sing and leave :P .So please bear with me :D
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