5 Things I love & hate about Winters!!!

Stuff I love!!!

1. Long Hot Water Baths:

Aahhhh..I'm such a lover of water, though it clashes with my fiery aries sign!! :D But I just love taking baths or just being closer to water!It makes me feel really good. And if its even a little cold outside, nothing can beat the pleasure of a lonnnnggg hot water bath!!It is so refreshing and amazing!! I forget all my winter woes and the cold inside my body just melts away like a dream! But ofcourse I overdo it, often :P and then end up having very dry skin :P I compensate by keeping a bottle of baby oil in my bath and slathering once I'm done. 

Top Jewelery Picks from eFoxcity.com

Hola Lovelies!!
How you all doing?? The winter is definitely taking its toll on me. It's been a while since I last posted!! Sorry for the delay, you might have noticed in my fb page that I was out on  Mumbai Visit (yay), which turned out to be amazing!! I had loads of fun with all my cousins and we visited a lot of places in Mumbai and enjoyed a lot!!

Now that I'm back I have so much to share, loads of interesting blog posts, which will be up one after the other.Hope you enjoy them all. So first thing's First!!Today I'm going to introduce you all to one of my latest favorite Online Shopping Website efoxcity !! It has such an amazing collection of wholesale dresses and jewelries! And I'm such a fan of their Jewelry collection  totally chic and my style!! So here is a list of my favorite products from their website!!

Awesomest Dragon Ring !!!

A Night with Kathakali and Chenda Melam

From the sensousness of a woman with a baby at her breat into the seductive mischief of Krishna's smile.He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains- Arundhati Roy (To the Kathakali Man)

Hola Lovelies :)
How ya'all doing? I had the chance to experience a beautiful and enthralling  show by Gandhi Seva Sadan, Palakkad, Kerala. Some of the pictures to the beautiful event!

Photography Post: National Handloom Expo & Potter's Market'12

Hola Lovelies!!How ya'all doing?
I had a great time visiting two very beautiful fairs in my town.Totally loved both of them!

1) Potter's Market '12 at Gauhar Mahal,Bhopal
2) National Handloom Expo at Bhopal Haat,Bhopal

It was the last day at the Potter's Expo, but the Handloom Expo is till the 10 of this month.So if you are in Bhopal,please do visit!!It is a Shopper's Haven!!!I'm gonna go today and get my hand on some of those beauties. So ofcourse there will be one more post, specifically about the awesome stuff in the expo.Right now, enjoy some very cute captures from both the events.

Artwork by Little Kids,stall by NGO :) @ Potter's Market,Gauhar Mahal

Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks

Hey Friends
Diwali is such a time for celebrations and looking good is compulsory. Choosing the right elements can be tricky,but a satisfying job :) I had a great time creating some really amazing looks for Shopper's Stop Create the Perfect Look Contest on Indiblogger. Here are my entries!!!!

Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening Cream Review

Name of the Product
Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening and Brightening Cream

Why I bought It?
I never bought it at the first place, it was my mom. But one fine day, when my lotus moisturizer ended without a warning,I tried it and totally hated it!!I was disgusted  by its fragrance and decided to never ever try it. But things changed when I saw its effect on my skin.I was more than surprised, Lotus didn't feel so good on my skin, neither did Olay Moisturizer. Was I surprised?? Yes!! So I was very curious to see if it was a one time thing or was this moisturizer really working for me. Well I'm on my third bucket :P so learn more about it. ;)

Jibber Jabber

Hola lovelies
Ok so I have been watching non stop episodes of FRIENDS. I think I'll puke Friends :P it's all filled inside of me. Well on my real friends, you know a few months back, (actually a year) we all, yeah all of my friends attended a campus placement drive and guess what all of us got selected!!!Isn't that great!! It's mostly Jibber Jabber, but still if you are interest!!Read More.... :P

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss Review

Name of the Product
Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss

Why I bought It?
It was Diwali shopping time and I was looking for a lip gloss,though the SA showed me an array of lipglosses,these little beauties were hidden in the shelf behind the counter :P and yes of course I dived in to buy these,rejecting all others (the rebel in me :P)

Quco Hair Perfume Spray Review - Midnight Purple

Name of the Product
Quco Hair Perfume Spray 

Why I bought it?
Ok winter is here.Do you know what that means especially for students, less of hair wash!!!We go out at 7 in the morning and return trip is at 9 in the night after all the coachings, leaving no time for hair wash :P except our favorite sunkissed Sundays whn you can wash your hair, soak the sun for hours drying your hair and then get the gorgeous afternoon nap. But apart from that the whole week often has to go without, unless you want to invite flu and fever in this numbing cold weather.Anyways I think you got the picture ,so for all those days and others when one feels like,you can use this!!!I had been dying to try this one since its release, finally it made to my closet. :P ;)

Influenster Love

Hola Lovelies!!
Today I'm sharing my love for a really great platform that I encountered a few months back. "Influenster" . For all my blogger friends out there,you know how we all are such trend setters, reviewing products as soon as they launch!!Trying out-of-the-box products,always on the prowl to find something interesting!!Influester is just the place for us. It encourages our insanity for trying new products recklessly and giving reviews, which ofcourse is our love :D

Photo Booth: Diwali Pics!!

Hola my sugar beans!!
How you all been doing??It has been such an amazing few weeks with Diwali (Indian Festival) and Friends and Family!!Everything was just perfect. I had so much fun, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Here are some fun pics of that day!!!

Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

Name of the Product
Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Shampoo

Why I bought it?
Frizz are a constant companion for me and so anything that claims to tame them always catches my attention :D and I end up buying it. This time I bought this Matrix product, ofcourse Matrix products go by the name, for their amazing ( salon like quality). Though I was originally looking for  Matrix Biolage HydraTherapie, but ended up buying  Smooththerapie because they had finished their stock and so came Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo. Read on to know more.

Awards and Love!!

Hola Lovelies :)
Ok this is huge huge huge!! :) Just last week I won an award and now I get a Award Shower *eep* Lovin it!!!Thank you Samannita.

Apart from the awards I also get a token of friendship from Samannita which I accept with all my love *kisses* :)
Thank you so much Samannita  for this love, means so much to me!!I love making new friends and I'm so glad you gave this token of friendship to me!! :)
Don't forget to check out her blog for some great reviews and beauty related amazingness ^_^

Top 5 Winter Wear Picks From DinoDirect.com

Hola Cupcakes!!

How you all doing?? Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last Photography Post, means so much to me!! Ok, so winter is almost here!! Did you guys buy any new Winter Wear?? I'm so dying to make some new purchases.Just yesterday I was out for some Diwali Shopping and all over the mall, there were so many cute winter wear pieces!! ^_^ I totally love winter wear, they keep you so warm!!Actually they are the best part about winter, at least for me :P Otherwise I'm mostly a spring-summery person :D

So here are some really gorgeous pieces from a really amazing online shopping site DinoDirect that I discovered a few months ago, I've even ordered for some stuff, will be giving a detailed review of the website as soon as my order arrives ^_^

Photography Post: Vesper Tour

Hola Lovelies!!! 
How ya'all doing Sugapies?? 
Ok so here I am with a photography post.These are pictures from when I was travelling with my folks, our ritualistic weekend outings :) *Love em*

Anime Love: Uraboku

Hola Lovelies!!Ok so enough  of the sad period for me, I really wanted get out of this strange and lonely feeling that I was experiencing these days!! Nothing was helping much..Then I turned towards something I had long forgotten!!My Anime Love!! :)
So I searched for a new anime series to start and lo behold an amazing series "Uraboku"
You can read about it here .

Liebster Blog Award

Holla my sugarbeans :)
Hope you all are doing fine my lovey dovey's!! 
Yes,I'm very very happy!!
I have been awarded with the Liebster Award...Yippeeee!!!

Boyfriend Fashion:How to Rock the Androgynous Look

Hola Cupcakes!!!
How ya'all doing??So I was just going through my friends pictures the other day when I found her sporting her bf's watch which looked so cute on her!! Boyfriend fashion, I don't know if that term exists!!I coined it up right now. Today in this lovely post we are gonna discuss about one of the best fashion trends I've seen, my favorite of all!!! Irresistibly Cute and adorable!! This fashion is all about stealing stuff from your boyfriend's Wardrobe!! And believe me there is so much to steal ;)

Let's get it started!!

1) Boyfriend Watches

Photography Post: And Then I Had To Shoot Her!!!

Beauty: Winter Skin Care Tips

Hello Cupcakes,
Winter's all set!! and so are the skin woes!! Your otherwise amazing skin can lose its moisture and become dry and dull. Don't worry, a little pampering could set all worries straight and your skin will be as amazing as ever.

International Give away by Preethi's Pink and Purple


The Sweet Life ~ 200 Follower's Giveaway!!!

Hola My lovely Sugar Pies
It's a bright sunny morning and I'm soooo happy. Finally I made it to the 200 follower's mark.It means so much to me!!!

This blog has been a real haven for me whenever I was feeling high or low :D I'm so in love with all the lovely bloggers out there who have encouraged me throughout my journey.You guys are the best!!!! Thank you for all your support.Your kind words mean so much to this lil girl!!!

So on this beautiful ocassion I'm holding a chotu sa, pyara sa giveaway!!! :) 
It's open to Indian Residents Only , but don't worry!!(I'll be holding an International Giveaway veryyy soon!!) ;)

You can win Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This is only my second giveaway. Hope you all like it :P Do Participate and Try your Luck!!! :)
Loads Of Love and Kisses

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photo Booth: Back To Class!!!

Jibber Jabber

Feeling really happy :D Yeah just got some good news..Listening to Taylor Swift We are never ever getting back together :D Gives so much energy!!!

Damn did you check out the http://fuckyeahjeanlucbilodeau.tumblr.com/  , there playlist is like a killer!!! Sweeeet!! Yeah so today was one of the days when I start my day with blogging, watch Supernatural all day long!! Eat, pray, watch, etc :P Yes I cooked as well!! Yeah that is kinda cool I cook!!! :P Self Praise, whatever!!I cook the whole dinner,man!!! Ofc that's something!!! Has to be!!! :P

Did you check out the song "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees?? It's great!! Funky, totally awesome!! :D Take me to your love shack :D All you are giving me is fiction!! :D Like superrr!!!

Jibber Jabber Rocks!! :D :D 

Hmm so I have this feeling!! Like I can write a really amazing Drama series, like for real..I have so many stories going around in my head.Damn, I need to get my pen down once in a while..And guess what !!This morning I had this dream where I defeated a monster.Yeah the Supernatural effect, :P Most probably!! 

Ok so I have to confess today I've been rather pensive,like really pensive..Worrying about I don't know what non sense and now it feels good to finally make sense. Yet not :D Irony,right :D Whatever!!

Ok I'll tell you what's more ironical!!I'm afraid to lose what I don't own!! I mean something that is not mine!! Phew!!! n yes I have been trying to talk sense into myself!! But you know its kinda difficult, a bit!! :P Losing something you really don't wanna lose is not easy. 

Now listening to Wide Awake by Katy Perry!!!! Hoping it helps... I love it how Katy's voice just reaches right down to my heart!!! Right down to the bottom!!I'm falling from cloud 9, crashing from the high!!!I'm wide awake!!
Time to go now, take some sleep.Put this ever wandering mind to some rest.
Jibber Jabber Over :D
Loads of Love

How to Wear Colored Trousers~Rock Those Funky Beauties!!!

Hola Lovelies!!!
How ya'all doing??
Ok so today's post is about one of the really "IN" fashion piece these days. " Colored Trousers". Have you tried them??
I am really sick and tired of not having a colored trouser, especially when they are so in right now!!!It's like everywhere I go, I can see a blue or a pink or a red legged beauty walking down the streets :D 

Zara Collection!! Amazing-ness!!!

Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks ~ Review and Swatches (Ripe Plum, Coral Rose, Radiant Red)

GoodMorning Lovelies!!! 
Today is girl's special review :P My favorite range of lippies as a student ,who has a meager pocket money and loads of expenditure ( aamdani aathanni, kharcha rupaiyaa) :P Damn I really hope I get a job soon. I want my money, I wanna go crazyyy :D 

Ok so the evil laugh apart,today I'm gonna be an angel and tell all you girls out there who have the same condition as mine.Introducing you to the amazing range of lipsticks from Oriflame. They go by the name Oriflame Pure Color. 

Read on to know more !!!

Photography Post: The Rainy Day Outing

Hiiiiii Sweethearts!!!!

How you all doin??? Today I'm posting some pictures from when I went for a li'l outing with my folks.
Its this really b'ful place in Bhopal called Upper Lake( Bada Talaab) It was rainy that day and since it rained so much this year, the lake was brimming with water making it ohh- so-much-more-b'ful!! It is one of the best places in Bhopal and has been worked on upon b'fully. There is this cruise boat " The Lake Princess", lots of boating, speed boating, many restaurants, and also nearby is the national park " Van Vihar". There are some pictures from there too.Though we couldn't spot many animals ( as usual ) :P but the beauty of the place and the amazing weather completely compensated for it. :D

Enjoy The Pictures!!!!

Video Update: Some Blabber and a Song

It's one of those days. A day after a huge uproar.Like a tornado spinning your life one day and the calm of destruction the other day.Yeah I'm mostly blabbering. Hell it feels like I've had a few shots of vodka before starting, but ofc I don't drink except ice tea, organic tea, water, gatorade, orange Glucon D :P and water and ofc milk with horlicks :D :D yeah I'm so damaging my image right now :D :D but there is also my fav song at the end.Of course you'd have to wait for the good part or you can also skip to it :P Do that!!!!! :D

Loads of Love

My Heart Speaks

I took a long break....Almost broke down...The hurt was too much to handle, but the irony was there wasn't much hurt.Mostly just the shadow and some personal set of fears. and also nothing went right.Everything against and I couldn't take it anymore. So I took a really long break, to find myself again. Won't say the process is complete, but anyways.The comatose situation is so boring!!! Fickle-minded maybe!! Or maybe because I just want to face all my problems and fears and whatever the shit it is stopping me. Ahh its not easy sitting waiting for a miracle, when I can write one for me.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Review

Bonjour My Lovelies!!!
Today I'm reviewing!!!
My Favorite Cleanser!!!!!!!!!!! Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion
Hola I'm Cetaphil. I'm here to smoothe your skin ;)

Biotique Bio Milk Protein Whitening & Rejuvenating Face Pack Review

Hola Lovelies!!! 

This is the review of the first ever Biotique product I've ever used!!Its a face pack for whitening and rejuvenating .Post my eye surgery I was clearly advised against using cosmetics for a month,which included sunscreens.So the "Tan" followed and when I saw this beauty on the racks during my recent shopping spree,I decided to indulge!!

Biotique Whitening Face Pack with Bio Milk Protein

Mind Over Matter

Le Heart : *sob* *sob*  It's not easy..When you take someone as your friend, but they hurt you so bad!!!I'm feeling heavy!!No matter how hard I try, it comes back to me and hurts again!!I'm just feeling very heavy!!Like a dead weight hanging on my shoulders. I've always taken him as a good person, but this is totally unforgivable.

5 Things You Need To Know About Monochromatic Fashion

Hey Sugarplums

Today I'm gonna talk about Monochrome Fashion!! Etymologically its about single color or a single dye that dominates the whole look,head to toe.

Over the years, Monochrome fashion has been a  love among fashionistas whenever they wanted to create the strong yet understated look. So here is a list of quickies to know when you plan on going Monochromatic!!

Gossip Gupshup: Kirsten Cheats on Robert Pattinson

Hey Sugarpies!!

Ok so this is a new section I've decided to start!!All the juicy gossip right at your feet. Not that I'm a girl who loves to gossip, but I have this silly khabru *which means informer* who keeps poking me with such incredulous news that I can't help but share it!!!

Kirsten Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson : So did the lion fell in love with the wrong lamb???

One of the most hottest and loved onscreen and  off-screen couple:
Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart

Blog Update: Zyoptix Surgery

Hey lovelies!!!
It's been so long!! How y'all doing honeyplums!!

Ok so I've successfully undergone my Zyoptix Eye Procedure. It is amazing!!I don't need glasses anymore!!!Not that it's gonna change my geekiness ever, yet it feels great not having to rely on my glasses. My world is crystal clear!!

Photo Booth: Sunshine Girl

Hey Munchkins!!!  

I'm doing a look after so many days.Here it is!! It was such a sunny day and I just finished watching "My Sassy Girl". Yeah that movie is so epic!! It makes me laugh out loudly and cry all at the same time. Its soundtrack is also amazing!!

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.I guess you'd sayWhat can make me feel this way?My girl (my girl, my girl)Talkin' 'bout my girl (my girl) "

Epic Song!!!

Jabong.com: Online Shopping Experience *

Hey Ma Lovely CuppyCakes!!

Today I'm gonna review an amazing online shopping store based in India. "Jabong.com
Online shopping is turning out to be such a great convenience. I love the idea of not having to drive out to the mall or shops and search for the perfect something,when I can get it at my place delivered. Its a great place to find stuff that are not available in shops. You get crazy discounts. And top it with an assurance of having the stuff delivered safe,intact and on time is like sone pe suhaga (*which means icing on the cake*)

Anyways so here is my experience for my first online shopping with Jabong.com

New Blog Update

Hey My Sugar Plumps

How ya all doing! Thanks for all the sweet comments for my well being! So Sweet!! I felt so good.

I had a little laser operation for my eyes!
Since I have myopia,in a recent visit to my Ophthalmologist. It was discovered that there were little holes or lattices on my retina and they had to be treated immediately. 
But everything is great now!!

I've been taking great care and loads of rest and my eyes just feel normal.
Though there is one more eye procedure that I'm supposed to undergo, but that will take some time. 
So till then, I'm back to blogging.
I have so much to share!! Yay!! So many posts to be up soon!! Yippee, being back again feels great!!!

Love ya all


Blog Update

Hey Lovelies!!!!
Bonjour...Hope everyone is having a great day :)
This is a quickie update.  Today I'm gonna have a medical eye procedure,actually two. Details later promise :D

So I'm gonna be MIA for a little while,maybe like 2-3 weeks because I won't be allowed to operate computer or strain my eyes etc : (

 But after I'm all cured I'll be back with a bang!! :D And there will also be a lil surprise for all my lovely followers :) I hope everything goes well :)

I'm gonna miss my blog and all of you so much : ( I'll be back soon :* muaaah... :)
Take Loads of Care :) :)
Keep Smiling

Beauty:6 Tips for Pink Lips

Good morning Honey Pies
Hope the day is treating you all well!! Today I'm gonna blog hot pink kissable lips!! I mean how to get them!! 
But before that a little fun!!I'd like to do a lil rewind of my childhood
It is so cool to go through childhood pics,I used to look so yummy cute and awesumeo !!*vanity* :P
I wish I had me when I was young!!! hehehehe
check them out :D

Sitting like a Boss!! :D

Inspiration: Stuff I love

GoodMorning Honey Buns
How is the new morning treating you?? I woke up so amazing,I had this B'ful dream and I woke up with a b'ful smile on my face!!Eeeppppp!!I love sweet dreams!!!

I decided to record some songs today, something I've been wanting to do from a long time. I hope my good voice stays by my side...hehehe...But my computer ports won't work and I can't figure out why but all my USB ports are jammed!1They won't react!!

So I'll be doing the audio part today and the video part someday else!! ^_^
Well that brings us to today's post!!I was just scouring my computer, trying to delete some mess!!And I found this adorable folder "Summer Time Love". I love all the images Check them out!!N tell me if you love them too!! 

I love this look,with the awesome orange leather bag.Just the right things,so chic!!

Easy and Amazing Hair-do's

Hello Mello Honeypies

This weather is taking its toll on my lovelyy hair
I need a hair cut and loads of pampering!!I'm having bad- hair day almost everyday now!!

Anyways I've decided to take charge and since I need to go classes almost everyday,I decided to look up for exciting hairstyles to pretty up my hair

Product Review: Signature Seduction Lipstick 40023

Hello Munchkins
Today I have for you a review of Signature Seduction Lipstick from Anna Andre, Paris in the shade number 40023

Theosophical Approach to Dealing with Pesky People

Hello wello ^_^
Ok so the smiley might suggest otherwise, but my week has been really hard on me. Everything is going great except that I'm being bullied by some guys :( I can't really express the kind of feel it is,you feel really powerless, even when you are fighting all inside.

All I could dream was to have the powers of hulk and show those pesky boys who the boss was : \
Phew!!It's a real strange feeling.It's like you are strong enough to take on the biggest of problems in your life, but you can't deal with some pesky people and their sick comments and looks. You really can't get in any kind of fight because it would only worsen the situation.

Fashion Post: Farewell Memoirs

Hey Lovelies!! :)
So this is a part 3 of the Farewell Memoir Sequence.The fashion was so high, I could feature it all through the month :D So today I'm gonna put pictures of my lovely friend Ridhima and her style quotient for the farewell evening.Hope they inspire you.

Heart Speaks

Le Me: It's disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le Mind: I couldn't agree more...
Le Heart: I'm just numb.
Le Me: how can people be so disgusting and yet be alive?? It kills me to know that God takes away the good people away, but the shitty ones are never going...lurking around the corner....
 It's boiling in my blood, the hatred...
Le Heart: Calm down
Le Me: hatred hatred hatred!!!!!

Le Heart: phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............................................
Now that was a long breath to let me work better so that I can control you. You know there is something bigger than your life, and that is waiting right outside your door.But the hatred you create in yourself only kills you.Every hater is a person worth pity, look just a bit inside, they are just very unsure of themselves and that has been the case for a very long time.This has made them very bitter. :P

Smile sweetheart, show them the warmth of your heart and believe me there is no heart in this world that won't melt ;) :) Remember all the super cool people in your life who you look upto. Do you think you would be happy if they reacted in an uncool way :P Just think how they manage things, better or worse.Every situation they handle things with a silly smile.People might think they are silly initially, but even you know the truth that eventually everyone just falls for their charm.The reason is that no one can escape the charms of a silly smile :D so Smile silly :P Be goofy. Everyone commits mistakes and its ok if you are unhappy with some of them still.But that doesn't mean that you can't smile silly :D You only have to answer to yourself. Hold your head high and reach the top. ;)

Don't you know things are sent to try you, let the world see what you have got !!1 ;) You can heal me only by smiling and the real smile only comes when you make someone else smile at your expense.The more you spread the smile, the more you will heal me of all my pain.And when all my pain goes away, I'll show you what true ecstasy means !!! :)  Don't believe in all that you have been told, you can give a smile everyday. :)

I hope you are not sleeping on me!!! :O :P

Le Me: Nah!!I'm already ecstatic. You should speak more!! :)

Le Heart: You should hear me more often. :)

Loads of Love
A Relieved Ruhie
Keep Smiling people

Music Mania

Hey Lovelies!!!

Music is such a relief. :) Whenever I feel too overwhelmed be it with any kind of emotion, music helps so much.It is like a friend who stays company be it happiness, loneliness, super joy, confusion, anger :P absolutely anything!!!!
This post is all about music, my favorite ones classified according to my moods :P Yeahh, there is a song for every mood :P Love Music :) Hope you like my playlist ;)