Beauty: Get rid of Puffy Eyes

I cried so much and my eyes are swollen. What can I do to Improve my eyes and look like nothing happened?

Did this happen to you ever. It has happened to me a lot!!!!
 Official - I'm a Cry Baby!!!! Yes!!I've admitted to it.I'm a cry baby.Sounds pathetic.It's nothing compared to the condition of my eyes once I'm done with it  :P

Anyways did you know :
  1. Tears help lubricate the eyes.
  2. Tears also help kill bacteria.
  3. Crying lowers stress levels and elevates your mood.
  4. Tears help release pent up feelings.
  5. You still want more!!!Go cry already :D
Hehehe...OK My peeps honestly don't take it from me !! I cried even when I had my job interview. :P But please don't try such stunts without adult supervision. It could affect you adversely. :P Did it affect me badly???!! Honey I'm KrazzyKi. I've the license to kill and cry :D