Poetic Expressions: Piece of Mind

Some pain you can't share with others
Some are just yours to claim!!
It's like a distant world
with you as the only soul
residing trying to fit the mould
There are so many smiles I love to remember but hopelessly  forget
Then there is some crazy sad stuff that nudges as I try to forget them hopelessly
I'm not perfect
I'm just trying to live
and let you live
Guess the space I give you will be enough to separate the hatred
yet somehow I hope it would also bring us closer to love
I want you to smile today to warm my insides and melt my heart
Coz sometimes even the thought that you smile and you are breathing is enough.


Poetic Expressions: Nothing To Give To You

I got nothing to give
except the love
the laughter, lil joy
yet I feel I got nothing to give to you
I'd give my heart and my soul and the living life out of me
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
I'd give you my smile , my care, to see you smile I'd give my all
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
I could buy you gifts, maybe a heart or a chocolate
whatever you liked better
and take you far away to a place your heart could sing with joy
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
And maybe if you could take me for who I am, someone who got nothing to give to you, we could have maybe everything .

Dedicated to the First Friend of my Life: I don't know where I lost you..You are not someone who should be a memory while you are still alive.. After all the hurt you gave to me, I don't really know who you are anymore, but if you do remember me, I'm here for you, was there, will always be..

Keep Smiling