Fight Of Love-Turning up Wiser

Fighting with a fate, so set on making things so boring !!!
At exactly the same time of the year last year, I had a lot of interesting and beautiful things buzzing my life to the extreme, but this year round its so dull, that I could drop dead.

I'm reading this book, that is insanely stupid :P I don't get it, why do people think that writing the same thing over and over again will make the readers satisfied. Acknowledging the fact that even I am a writer with many readers :P but yet I'm not talking about a certain individual rather I'm talking about a complete genre.In this respect I find Mr. Paulo Coelho's book most inspiring and definitely out of the league. They are so refreshingly sane. :D

I wish to complain so much , but eventually I realize that after 5 mins of introspecting ( fast enough aye ;) )
that it ain't gonna help. It never did. Yeah I realize that Even when I was in same part of the year last year, I was complaining about something. I was reminiscing about the year before and complaining how last year didn't have something that last to last year had!! And that's exactly when I realize that I'm going around in f@##$%% ed up circles!!!SH!%!!

A FULL STOP is what is needed!!!

Because eventually you do realize that every moment gives you something very special. So how do you make the most of every moment!!?? I'm confused, how do you actually enjoy each moment?? Well I guess, I'll figure it out someday!!

I so wish to make a cover of Nobody's Perfect- Jessie J, yeah she is officially my  fav  for her fearless, ruthless music :) Let's see when I come up with that!! The technical glitches are always a pain :P

That was all for my daily ramblings :P Thanks for bearing with me :)
Loads of Love