The Soul Eaters

One should always stay away from the vampires. No I’m not talking about the sexy hunks from eclipse. I’m talking about the myriad of people who surround us every day.

Now there is a difference, unlike the vampires you saw in movies. These people don’t suck your blood, instead they feed on your goodness, your happiness until you have none.

They make you from happy people to sad, aimless s*%t

Ever forgiven someone for their awful mistake, had them back in your life after their apologizing and then suddenly saw yourself losing away!!!
Now these people tend to be very clever they even act like they are innocent as angels. Now don’t go around thinking this is someone pessimistic s!*t that you shouldn’t be reading. This is real stuff, if you haven’t faced it, be prepared for what you could face!!!

And if you already have had a taste of it, congratulate yourself  cause you are not alone, THOUGH that’s how it feels!!!

So you have forgiven them and they are back into your life, everything is just picture perfect!! You thank God for giving you the patience and good – will that helped you forgive them. You really feel good, especially they make you feel like you are the best person ever!!You are more than a human being!! You are an angel , a saint. They give you all their time, love, affection.

And even when it wasn’t required, you find yourself drawn to them , believing all the things they say, because they are right!! You are a good person, a smiling, charming and lovely person!
Something  happens!! They tell you how bad they are! That you are the only reason for them to smile and survive.They want all access to your faith, your belief, they want you to believe them blindly, they won’t tell anything about themselves, but they everything that is yours!!

Your smile, your tears!! And you can’t help falling for such kind of attention because deep down everybody craves for love and attention! That’s all you do!! Be yourself! Behave like a normal human being!

But that’s where you fall!! The moment  you lose control of your feelings, the moment you let down your guard is the moment they conquer you!! 
From this moment onwards it’s a lost battle. Ever heard of a human being in a quick sand trap!! Ever felt like being in a trap of that sort!! These vampires drag you just there!!

Once you set foot on it, there’s no escaping. 

Picture this: You felt like losing yourself somewhere? Or people telling you , that you have changed? You try to find the reason, your heart knows the truth, even warns you, but your mind doesn’t heed, because your mind understands only facts!!

And the fact is there is NO proof, to the harm they do to you!

You can only sense it, and it’s not only you. But everyone who loves you senses it. Maybe they warn you, maybe they don’t, they might be listening to their heads!!

Result: You don’t do anything that you actually should have been doing!! Meanwhile they are feeding on your happiness , on your soul , while feeding your ego and your need for Love!!
You might stop to think that maybe losing oneself in the process of being loved is the way it is! The way it should be!!But be warned My dear friend. 

“Losing your soul is much worse than taking a million jabs. Because the human body is just a mirage, what is true is the soul, the energy that you carry within, you got to treasure it with your life, even if it means dying”

Why else do you think Joan of Arc chose to die?
But even to those to whom my thoughts seem crazy and delusional. Continue reading, you will figure out what I wish to convey.

Picture this:
Just when you came in terms to fact that your heart is playing games with you and that whatever you feel is stupid and delusional. That people close to you who warn you that something is wrong are just jealous of what you have!! A constant reassurance from “someone”.

You start losing yourself that moment! You have entered the quick sand and after initial attempts to escape you have decided to let go of yourself in peace, only because you have what you think a “LOVE “ of your life!!

But right at that moment, my dear friend you will notice that the warmth is fading!

And you will hear them say: “ I’m not good enough for you. This was never meant to work! ”, “ I’m feeling so guilty, I think I will have to go, away from you, forever!” 

Can you or Can you not picture yourself, I don’t know.
But Those who can, or those who have! They know the pain. Actually there is no pain because to feel the pain they just inflicted on you, you need to have a soul! Unfortunately, you realize it quite late that you have already lost it!

And you don’t feel any pain, but still it hurts you, and it hurts you more severe because  the warmth that supported you inside earlier, your energy of love has been sucked off from you, right out of you. You are left with nothing. And all you search for is them, you search for the very same vampires, who made a sh!* out of you.

Unfortunate if you don’t find them ever again, but worse if you manage to get them back in your life, because now they are your masters. They control you! They control your every move, you are nothing more than their slaves and for eternity you will do what they wish you to do!!!
If you still not clear on what the sh!* ,  you have been reading about, Go get yourself a DVD of “TRUST”. I’m sure you will understand exactly what I want to say!

And, please, NO!! I’m not only talking about online predators, or sexual predators. You get such people everywhere, usually they tend to exploit through feelings of love, because that is the weakest link to any living being. I’m sure you have heard

“ The chain is as strong as the strongest link”

They might act as angels, not do any of the sick sh!* that happened to the l’il girl in TRUST. But I want you to retrospect the feelings the Girl goes through!! Because that is exactly how you feel when such vampires attack.
Some Tips from me to all those who haven’t experienced any such person. There are certain traits of these people that could help you to recognize them and thus deal with them effectively and save yourself!!

  • ·       They are pessimistic to the core.

  • ·       They always talk about all the bad things in their lives, but they always tend to praise you for everything you have.

  • ·       Praises : That is the one weapon they use to hunt you down!! 
  • We have always been taught that we should be thankful
to people who praise us, we always see it in a good light, but that’s not always the case. WAKE UP!!! These vampires use this mentality to get you to trust them. So please next time you find someone no matter how attractive, no matter how close, praising you for even very small things, things normal people don’t usually notice. Things your parents or friends don’t notice, Beware that is a BIG signal that they are trying to hack into your system.

  • ·       Listen to your HEART!!! We have heard this a million, a zillion times, but still we tend to ignore it. If you have two feelings about a certain person, steer clear. You will be thankful, I guarantee you!!! Tell your mind to shut up if all it is doing is processing the praises and the attention bestowed upon you.

  • ·       Do Not share your life with them. Do not tell them about your life’s happiness and sorrows, that is like giving a key to your life. Be Reclusive. Do not trust blindly.

There is a very famous quote:

“You come in this world knowing nobody, but still you need somebody to TRUST!!!”
·       When you act reclusive, they will try even further to get to you!! You can observe the trends. More praises, more gloominess on their side, they will try to make you feel like a hero, you’ll wish to save them when actually it’s just part of their plan.

  • ·       Helping someone is a good thing, but NEVER take it on yourself to get someone out of a mess.

·    Even if you save yourself from all their sh!*, be careful because the last thing such people resort to when none of their tricks seem to be working is “EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL”. And that is because it’s the most powerful weapon.

TThey WILL say things like: “ I’m going to commit suicide”, “ I don’t have any friends or any one to love” etc etc. Many such Sh!**y lines, because they know that you have a goodness hidden inside of you. In such cases, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF RINGING THE SIREN.

o  Inform your Parents
o  Inform your teacher
o  Inform your friends also, so they know what kind of a person he/ she is!!
o  Don’t be afraid to inform the POLICE, If required. Afterall it  is a crime to commit suicide or emotionally blackmail someone.

“The basic rule is that: Don’t be afraid to save your f*&^%$@!g ass.”



Ok, it doesn’t end here. Even if you saved yourself, they will try to contact you. They will try to make you feel guilty.” You are not a good friend, you are not even a human being.”, “ How could you do this to me?? I wasn’t really going to commit suicide or hurt you” . Their basic aim: Make you go on a guilt trip.

“ Do Not Lend In, NEVER”

Make them realize that what you did was just a silhouette to what you can do if they ever again try to sh!* with your life.

“Nobody takes a danger that is not worth the outcome they would get out of it!!”

When they realize this, rest assured they will make a last parting remark that could hurt you if you keep yourself open. At this stage, don’t even listen to what they have to say, because that would only be sh!*!!!
And they will leave, to never return ever to your life. You can be happy and lovely as before.
They might be busy looking for their next prey, because that is their latent tendency, something that keeps them alive. We can’t do anything to change it.
All we can do is be aware of such people and circumstances and make sure that our loved ones are safe. Share what you know with your friends and people you love, because their next prey could be them as well!!

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