Love @ First sight: Inertia Of Love!! ( IOL )

I miss him like anything!!!!S@!T!!!!!!!
Before you know it, you are already missing a greater part of yourself and your life through him!
Now this is not a one-person's-story. It happens wtih everyone, thousands of young hearts, never knowing what real love is, fall for something that changes their perspective towards what is real - The True Love!!

I'm not here to tell you what it is, for the very simple reason that I'm not eligible to do so! Honestly I do think that Love is Universal. It can range from what you feel for your cuddly teddy bear to what a patriot would feel for his/her country! As much as it could be a person from your family, someone special, we also love our favourite blanky, don't we??

 A sense of connection that binds us. Would you be afraid to lose that thread of warmth ? Because afterall love is all about the warmth we receive from some people in this otherwise cold world.

You might remember how you could genuinely smile when with him and the same old warmth could turn into your biggest fear, a setback to your achieving what otherwise you could achieve! Let me be more decipherable : You had an amazing relation with someone, he/ she was a huge part of your life, they helped change your life into something better! But unfortunately, something went wrong could be a break up , could be losing someone forever, the pain is almost the same. There is a very famous saying:
"Once in Love, you can never be the same again. It changes the very core of your soul."
So what happens when you face such a huge loss ( only a person who has actually been through can tell about the pain we're talking about) . The question is:

Can you ever fall in love again?
Is it ever the same?
Haven't you ever felt that absolutely no one could keep you that happy?
That you would give the world to be back in those times?

The thing is we as human beings hate changes. We often experience what may be called the Inertia Of Love. The relation is over, everyone seems to have moved on! But somehow you are in a totally different world, we tend to distance ourself from everyone, our friends, colleagues, even our parents and siblings. Why is it that we tend to remain in that state of Love, even after everything has finished!! Even when we know that what happened was bound to happen, that we could do nothing to change it, and even worse there is nothing is future we could do to change it!!!

Honestly speaking Inertia of Love s*^&k# , and we know it does!!!! But we tend to stick to it!!
Is it because of Hope? Can "Hope" turn to be our enemy, that's what it appears.

We HOPE they will be back.
We HOPE of being in the same state of love, happiness and belonging-ness we experienced with them.

"I'm not begging you to love me.
I'm not really even asking you.
But, Isn't it alright
If I cherish that hope in my heart?
If I just dream of holding your hand.
It will hurt me- not you.
I will try to keep my eyes from shining
When they see you,
And I promise
I will try not to smile a special smile
When you say hello,
but, please Don't ask me
Not to love you... "
We relive each moment we spent with them in our hearts, our soul, in our head. When listening to a song, when going to an old hangout, we can feel the warmth of those moments rush through our veins and we realize we can't love anyone else.

But this is where it takes an ugly face :
"We can't love anymore!!!"
Have you ever heard yourself saying that to someone or even yourself??
I can't love anyone anymore, I've had enough of love!!!

I'm sure all of you who have read or watched the following will get a clearer picture of what "IOL" is all about.

  • P.S I Love You
  • My Sassy Girl <>

  • Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
  • The Witch Of Portobello
Can you remember any such movies or novels that represent IOL?

P.S.: I know it's hard to smile after reading such a heavy blog :P
but still
Keep Smiling
Coz A Smile Is Allll You Need  ^_^


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