Beauty: Get rid of Puffy Eyes

I cried so much and my eyes are swollen. What can I do to Improve my eyes and look like nothing happened?

Did this happen to you ever. It has happened to me a lot!!!!
 Official - I'm a Cry Baby!!!! Yes!!I've admitted to it.I'm a cry baby.Sounds pathetic.It's nothing compared to the condition of my eyes once I'm done with it  :P

Anyways did you know :
  1. Tears help lubricate the eyes.
  2. Tears also help kill bacteria.
  3. Crying lowers stress levels and elevates your mood.
  4. Tears help release pent up feelings.
  5. You still want more!!!Go cry already :D
Hehehe...OK My peeps honestly don't take it from me !! I cried even when I had my job interview. :P But please don't try such stunts without adult supervision. It could affect you adversely. :P Did it affect me badly???!! Honey I'm KrazzyKi. I've the license to kill and cry :D

Where is this Goddamn conversation heading?? This is the beauty area galss.Bring me back. { slaps myself twice} Yeah Now I'm feeling better. So I was telling you how crying is good for the overall health of your eyes, but have you ever seen the condition of your eyes after a good crying session.

Hehehhe..yeah this is what mine look like..Maybe even worse :P Puffy and so small... And when I smile I look like a laughing buddha :D It's ok when I'm all day at my home, but not when I have my 7 A.M. bus for my college. :(
So my dear honey dukes out there. It's OK to cry sometimes, to just let go. :) But don't forget to bounce back your eyes once your session is over with these very simple tips:

  1. Take out those Ice cubes and wrap them around a clean towel. Gently massage your eyes. < not very comfortable>
  2. While doing that I make sure that I put two tablespoons in the freezer section of the refrigerator, and after I have had enough of those ice cubes  I take those spoons , wrap my eyes with them something like this pretty lady above and I lie down and aahhh {soothing} Don't worry it won't take two mins for the spoons to get to normal temperature. :P {disappointing} Try the whole cutlery set like me ;)  { only when you are free} :D 
  3. You could use makeup to rescue you : 
  • Apply a white pencil on your inner lower lid and then apply your favorite kohl, it makes the eyes look bigger
  • Apply highlighter on the brow area to draw attention up and away from any droopiness.
Now these tips are very helpful if you don't have much time at hand. But if you have time at your disposal you can also try some of these:

  1. Hot tea bags and cool cucumber :) Take two tea bags, dip them in hot water. Remove the heat. Place a cloth over your eyes and place the tea bags over your eyes, the caffeine content is here what helps gals. It helps reduce the puffiness. And Of course my favorite part of salad cucumbers, cool them and place them over your eyes. 
  2. For the rest of the day, drink loads of water and avoid salty food and you will be fine honeybunch :* 
Finally gorgeous, if it ain't no moving outta your lovely face!! Just say : Go To Hell!!! Oh yeah Attitude always helps. ;) Don't worry and just smile. All that could happen of people noticing would be for them to be aware that you have been upset. You don't need to hide how you feel in order to make people feel comfortable always. And also who knows someone might just go out of there way to make you cheerful {dreamy - eyes, waiting for my prince charming ;) } Everything is possible in The Sweet Life

Keep Smiling
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    1. hehe, yeah, after reading this it's for sure the next time i feel like crying, stopping my tears will not be easy! hehe


    2. @anusha ... :P hehehhehe...u bet ;)

    3. After reading this line "I've the license to kill and cry" I think I should start calling you Madam James bond. :P

    4. You're making me cry already:P

      Useful stuff- I always put my cucumber slices in the fridge for half an hour to get them even cooler, not that one normally plans a crying session in advance..;)


    5. @ Vertu hahahha...I'd love that hun B) After the cat toe tutorial I'm gonna call you Cat Woman :D yay!!All the supergals up on the blogosphere :D ;)

    6. @GAT nice one :D That was funny...Thnx for the tip :)
      Have a great day

    7. Thnx for these tips... :)
      Placing raw potato slices on the under eye area also helps alot....