Helpful Tips for Hair fall Control

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It's my after exam post. It was a rough patch for me, with nothing going right for many days :( but today the sun seems to be shining on me!! and I'm loving it!!! :D

So here are some amazing tips to stop the early hair fall problem.

Merry Christmas :)

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Wish you such a beautiful Christmas :)

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Winter Skin Care Tips

Hello my Lovely Honey dukes :* :)
Winter's all set!! and so are the skin woes!! Your otherwise amazing skin can lose its moisture and become dry and dull. Don't worry, a little pampering could set all worries straight and your skin will be as amazing as ever.

Beauty: Get rid of Puffy Eyes

I cried so much and my eyes are swollen. What can I do to Improve my eyes and look like nothing happened?

Did this happen to you ever. It has happened to me a lot!!!!
 Official - I'm a Cry Baby!!!! Yes!!I've admitted to it.I'm a cry baby.Sounds pathetic.It's nothing compared to the condition of my eyes once I'm done with it  :P

Anyways did you know :
  1. Tears help lubricate the eyes.
  2. Tears also help kill bacteria.
  3. Crying lowers stress levels and elevates your mood.
  4. Tears help release pent up feelings.
  5. You still want more!!!Go cry already :D
Hehehe...OK My peeps honestly don't take it from me !! I cried even when I had my job interview. :P But please don't try such stunts without adult supervision. It could affect you adversely. :P Did it affect me badly???!! Honey I'm KrazzyKi. I've the license to kill and cry :D

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New New!!!!

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As you might have noticed.I have brought about some major changes to the blog.Everything's new :) Do leave a comment to tell me if you like the changes .
The Look, The Feel and there are also some new additions :)
I'm inviting posts. So all you lovely people out there, if you wish to do a guest post for my blog just Drop Me A Line.
and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Rabiosa!!! Shakira Look


All the mami's and papi's .Check out this amazing video by Shakira and ft. Pitbull. Totally love this song  :) and Shakira is looking beyond gorgeous in her brunette avatar. Did I tell you guys..I totally love Shakira.She is freaking amazing. Her hits like "Whenever Wherever" , "La Tortura" and on n on..I mean there are just so many of my Shakira fav songs :) I could do a separate post for that  :P But today let's concentrate on her Rabiosa look

Athirapilly Waterfalls

It's exam times !!!!!!!!!!!!! I should be studying!!!!!!!!!! But it's been so long that I haven't posted, I'm tryin to be strong but the strength I have is washing away... :P :P :P yeah well that's my not-so-funny-bone YOL (yelling out loudly) Ok jokes apart, peeps...M sharing with you some really amazing pictures from my trip to Kerala. It's not the complete trip, that would be tooooo many picssss :P It's a part of my trip.My visit to Athirappilly Waterfalls !!! It's one of the most amazing places on the face of this Earth. It was rainy season, the weather was amazing, it was so beautiful and so romantic *dreamy eyes* hahahha :P