Photo Booth: My New Lippie, My new Haircut and a Krazzy Photoshoot

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Photo Booth: My Sexy Boots n Me :)

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Hey My Lovelies !!!!
I'm doing my first FOTD  :D yay!!! I bought these really amazing boots,  they are so comfortable and droolingly sexy!!! :P
hehehhe...njoy the pics...Do Comment !!! :* :)

Super Cute, Super Comfy :)



11-11-11 Magic !!! and the Party :)

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So what's special about 11, November, 2011.
Apart from the fact that such a date comes only in a hundred years and many other stuff too :P Click Here to find More

There is one thing that makes the day so much more special to me :) It's my mom- dad's marriage anniversary ..yay!!! Celebrating 27 years of love and togetherness, I pray for their good health and well being and long life.Love 'em so much. So we had a party at our place, it was fun!!! Here are some pici's



Poetic Expressions

Poetic Expressions: Piece of Mind

11/06/2011 Ruhie Kumar 0 Comments

Some pain you can't share with others
Some are just yours to claim!!
It's like a distant world
with you as the only soul
residing trying to fit the mould
There are so many smiles I love to remember but hopelessly  forget
Then there is some crazy sad stuff that nudges as I try to forget them hopelessly
I'm not perfect
I'm just trying to live
and let you live
Guess the space I give you will be enough to separate the hatred
yet somehow I hope it would also bring us closer to love
I want you to smile today to warm my insides and melt my heart
Coz sometimes even the thought that you smile and you are breathing is enough.



Poetic Expressions

Poetic Expressions: Nothing To Give To You

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I got nothing to give
except the love
the laughter, lil joy
yet I feel I got nothing to give to you
I'd give my heart and my soul and the living life out of me
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
I'd give you my smile , my care, to see you smile I'd give my all
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
I could buy you gifts, maybe a heart or a chocolate
whatever you liked better
and take you far away to a place your heart could sing with joy
but yet I feel I got nothing to give to u.
And maybe if you could take me for who I am, someone who got nothing to give to you, we could have maybe everything .

Dedicated to the First Friend of my Life: I don't know where I lost you..You are not someone who should be a memory while you are still alive.. After all the hurt you gave to me, I don't really know who you are anymore, but if you do remember me, I'm here for you, was there, will always be..

Keep Smiling